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About STEM Communications

The communications team at STEM manages all communications efforts for STEM School Highlands Ranch. The team develops STEM’s messaging direction and strategy, maintains and expands the Communications Plan, communicates to both internal and external audiences, responsible for all promotion of events, coordinates media interviews and conducts media training, and so much more.

How to Collaborate

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!

Working with STEM Communications is easy. Involving STEM Communications early is the key to a successful event or message. The STEM team will help with strategy, best practices and navigating STEM’s internal procedures.

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The Team

Headshot of Nicole Bostel
Nicole Bostel
Director of Communications
Jeff Maher
Communications Manager

Need Translation or Interpretation Services

Parents with limited English proficiency have a right to be provided oral and/or written information in a language they can understand about any program, service, or activity that is provided to parents who are proficient in English (i.e., parent-teacher conferences, language assistance programs, special education meetings and consents, grievance procedures). Parents also have a right to access language assistance. Click the button below to learn more about Translation and Interpretation Services at STEM.

STEM School Highlands Ranch is committed to open, honest and ongoing communication with our internal (staff and students) and our external (families and community partners) audiences. We understand that maintaining a two-way conversation with our audiences is essential for building relationships and trust. This plan is a working document and we welcome feedback as the year progresses.

  • The Communications Plan is intended to:
    • Foster strong relationships through clear and timely communication with all audiences.
    • Provide a framework for how clear and concise communication will be developed and communicated.
    • Outline a communications program that directly helps achieve our strategic goals

It is an open and ever-evolving plan and feedback can be sent to

Roles - Leadership and Administration Teams

The School’s Leadership & Administration Team guides all communication efforts with assistance from the Communications Team (Director and Manager). Communications efforts include messaging on SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats), adherence to policy, promoting engagement and relationship building, etc.

Leadership Team

  • Dr. Karen Johnson, Interim CEO of KOSON Schools
  • LynAnn Kovalesky, Interim Executive Director
  • Aimee McElroy, Elementary School Director
  • Maura Ridder, Middle School Director
  • Ryan Alsup, High School Director
  • Dr. Jistine Harrison, Director of Student Support
  • Michelle Gasser, Professional Development Director
  • Sean Kavanaugh, K-8 Dean
  • Parag Patel, 6-12 Dean
  • Robert Hoornstra, Chief Operating Officer
  • Mike Pritchard, IT Director
  • Mallory Jimenez, RN, Chief Medical Officer/School Nurse
  • Star Ake, CPA, Chief Financial Officer
  • Sara Phelps, Enrichment Director
  • Nicole Bostel, Director of Communications

Administration Team

  • LynAnn Kovalesky, Interim Executive Director
  • Aimee McElroy, Elementary School Director
  • Maura Ridder, Middle School Director
  • Ryan Alsup, High School Director
  • Dr. Jistine Harrison, Director of Student Support
  • Sean Kavanaugh, K-8 Dean
  • Parag Patel, 6-12 Dean
  • Michelle Gasser, Director of Professional Development

Roles - Communications Team

  • The School’s Communications Team is responsible for providing direction and strategy for messaging that is desired by the Leadership Team.
  • The team will provide advice and counsel on best practices, as well as the best communications channels to use to disseminate information.
  • The Director of Communications will serve as the spokesperson for the school, with the Communications Manager serving as the back-up.
    • Additional areas of focus include:
      • Print and digital publications
      • Content Development
      • Website maintenance and development
      • Social media engagement
      • Marketing and advertising
      • Media Relations and Crisis Communications
      • Continued analysis and evaluation of communications functions to identify improvements (feedback)
      • Provide media training to staff
      • Assist with special projects in relation to PTO, SAC, Board of Directors, etc.

Internal Audiences

  • Students
  • Staff and Teachers
  • Staff Feedback Team and Staff Advisory Council
  • STEM Board of Directors
  • Leadership and Administration

External Audiences

  • Parents
  • DCSD Board of Education
  • Prospective Employees and Families
  • Peer Schools
  • Parent Organizations
  • Industry Partners/Business Organizations
  • Elected Officials
  • Civic Groups/Neighborhood Associations
  • Colleges/Universities
  • Media Members/News Outlets

Communications Channels

Goals, Objectics, Tactics

2022-23 Communications Plan - Goal Two
2022-23 Communications Plan - Goal Three
2022-23 Communications Plan - Goal One
2022-23 Communications Plan - Goal Four
2022-23 Communications Plan - Goal Five

The Communications Team tracks how well content does across all of its social media channels in order to find areas of success and improvement. See below to see our analytics for our three newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and our Website.

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