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If you are feeling unsafe, have concerns about someone else’s safety or are worried about someone who may be hurting, you can make an anonymous report with Safe2Tell¬† or call one of the number listed below.
Colorado Crisis Line: (844)493-8255
Colorado Crisis Text Line: Text TALK to 38255
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: (800)273-8255
In an emergency, please call 911.
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Middle School Counseling

High School Counseling

Elementary School Special Education

Middle School Special Education

Headshot of Tracy Grove
Tracy Grove
MS Learning Specialist
Kelly Padilla
LSS Educational Assistant
Headshot of Jill Dean
Jill Dean
K-8 Social Worker
Sharon Groeling
Occupational Therapist (K-12)
Molly Cowles
Speech Language Pathologist

High School Special Education

Headshot of Rocki Sugrue
Rocki Sugrue
High School Learning Support Specialist
Headshot of Becky Hathaway
Becky Hathaway
High School Learning Specialist
Sharon Groeling
Occupational Therapist (K-12)
Molly Cowles
Speech Language Pathologist

Multi-Language Learner/English Language Development

Headshot of Nicole Tellez
Nicole Tellez
K-12 English Language Development Teacher

Mutli-Tiered Sy of Supports (MTSS)

Need Translation or Interpretation Services

Parents with limited English proficiency have a right to be provided oral and/or written information in a language they can understand about any program, service, or activity that is provided to parents who are proficient in English (i.e., parent-teacher conferences, language assistance programs, special education meetings and consents, grievance procedures). Parents also have a right to access language assistance. Please complete the Request for Language Assistance form by clicking the button below to notify STEM of your request for services for the school year. You can also request it anytime you are communicating with the school on the spot. Click the buttons below for additional resources.

Argo Translations and Website Tools

To support our families’ translation needs, STEM utilizes Argo Translation. It is an on-demand service with interpreters available in 230+ languages. We also can access video interpretation for American Sign Language (ASL). This tool can be accessed at parent-teacher conferences, special education, and other formal program meetings, and settings across the school.

Families can install Browser Extensions to assist with translations of websites. Browser Extensions include:

These are all built-in tools for translation support.

GTranslate Option on the Website

The website now has a feature that allows for families to select the language they need the website translated into. Click on the US flag in the top menu of the website and choose the language that you need. The flag is also located in the lower left-hand corner of the page. On a mobile browser, the flag will be in the lower right-hand corner.

GTranslate Flag