Student Support Services

The mission of the Student Support Team at STEM School Highlands Ranch is to provide every student with the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive in an environment that is safe, challenging and nurturing. We are dedicated to helping the entire student body reach their full potential while feeling empowered, respected and supported.

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Do you need help?

If you are feeling unsafe, have concerns about someone else’s safety or are worried about someone who may be hurting, you can make an anonymous report with Safe2Tell  or call one of the number listed below.
Colorado Crisis Line: (844)493-8255
Colorado Crisis Text Line: Text TALK to 38255
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: (800)273-8255
In an emergency, please call 911.
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The Student Support Services Team

Headshot of Michael Link
Michael Link
High School Counselor
Headshot of Kelli Myrick
Kelli Myrick
College & Career Counselor
Headshot of Nicole Ryan
Nicole Ryan
Career Discovery Coordinator
Headshot of Lisa Summer
Lisa Summer
K-12 English Language Development
Headshot of Nicole Tellez
Nicole Tellez
K-12 English Language Development Teacher
Sharon Groeling
Sharon Groeling
Occupational Therapist (K-12)
Rebekah Stoller
Speech Language Pathologist
Headshot of Sue Thompson
Sue Thompson
Speech Language Pathologist
Tracy Grove
MS Learning Specialist
Headshot of Becky Hathaway
Becky Hathaway
High School Learning Specialist
Headshot of Rocki Sugrue
Rocki Sugrue
High School Learning Support Specialist
Headshot of Kelly Padilla
Kelly Padilla
LSS Educational Assistant