2023-24 Staff Group Photo

STEM Staff Spartans

Stepping on our the grounds of our school, you enter an extraordinary place for students. We see teachers as catalysts. Here, teachers are role models and innovation coaches who provide the framework for learning. Our teachers are experts in teaching appropriate use of technology, collaboration and teamwork that sparks interest in STEM and learning at an early age.

Need to Reach Us?

First Last Title School Email
Matt Cartier Chief Innovation Officer, KOSON Schools matt.cartier@kosonschools.org
LynAnn Kovalesky STEM School Highlands Ranch Executive Director lynann.kovalesky@stemk12.org
Star Ake Chief Financial Officer star.ake@stemk12.org
Nicole Bostel Communications Director nicole.bostel@stemk12.org
Mike Pritchard IT Director mike.pritchard@stemk12.org
Chris Damour Director of Facilities chris.damour@stemk12.org
Brian Chaput Director of Human Resources brian.chaput@stemk12.org
First Last Title School Email
LynAnn Kovalesky Executive Director (Admin) lynann.kovalesky@stemk12.org
Amie McElroy Elementary School Director (Admin) amie.mcelroy@stemk12.org
Maura Ridder Middle School Director (Admin) maura.ridder@stemk12.org
Ryan Alsup High School Director (Admin) ryan.alsup@stemk12.org
Michelle Gasser Director of Professional Development (Admin) michelle.gasser@stemk12.org
Kaeli Sandhoff Director of Student Support (Admin) kaeli.sandhoff@stemk12.org
Jessica Manzanares Dean K-8 (Admin) jessica.manzanares@stemk12.org
Samson Barrios Dean 6-12 (Admin) samson.barrios@stemk12.org
Star Ake Chief Financial Officer star.ake@stemk12.org
Nicole Bostel Communications Director nicole.bostel@stemk12.org
Mike Pritchard IT Director mike.pritchard@stemk12.org
Mallory Jimenez School Nurse mallory.jimenez@stemk12.org
Chris Damour Facilities Director chris.damour@stemk12.org
Melanie Fitzroy Enrichment Coordinator melanie.ffitzroy@stemk12.org
Brian Chaput Director of Human Resources brian.chaput@stemk12.org
Laurie Veldhuizen Director of Enrollment laurie.veldhuizen@stemk12.org
First Last Title School Email
Vanessa Sanchez Kindergarten teacher vanessa.sanchez@stemk12.org
Pamela Taylor Kindergarten teacher pamela.taylor@stemk12.org
Courtney Alascio 1st Grade Teacher courtney.alascio@stemk12.org
Liza Gober 1st Grade Teacher liza.gober@stemk12.org
Debbie Ristucci 1st Grade Teacher debbie.ristucci@stemk12.org
Stephanie Schiffman 1st Grade Teacher stephanie.schiffman@stemk12.org
Tami Brook 2nd Grade Teacher tami.brook@stemk12.org
Gretchen Grewe 2nd Grade Teacher gretchen.grewe@stemk12.org
Christine Logue 2nd Grade Teacher christine.logue@stemk12.org
Erica Wilkerson 2nd Grade Teacher erica.wilkerson@stemk12.org
Kate Jackson 3rd Grade Teacher kate.jackson@stemk12.org
Orleen Mau 3rd Grade Teacher orleen.mau@stemk12.org
Danielle Rose 3rd Grade Teacher danielle.rose@stemk12.org
Juliana Brost 4th Grade Teacher juliana.brost@stemk12.org
Rebecca Phelps 4th Grade Teacher rebecca.phelps@stemk12.org
Hannah Vest 4th Grade Teacher hannah.vest@stemk12.org
Samantha Ackley 5th Grade Teacher samantha.ackley@stemk12.org
Rachel Addison 5th Grade Teacher rachel.addison@stemk12.org
Jason Chang 5th Grade Teacher jason.chang@stemk12.org
Marni Gusich 5th Grade Teacher marni.gusich@stemk12.org
Christina Amos 5th Grade Teacher christina.amos@stemk12.org
Stephen Broll Elem PE stephen.broll@stemk12.org
Kristy Del Olmo Elementary Art Teacher kristy.delolmo@stemk12.org
Ryan Thatcher K-5 Technology Teacher ryan.thatcher@stemk12.org
First Last Title School Email
Stephanie Hart 6th Grade Science Teacher stephanie.hart@stemk12.org
Geoffrey Pietrovito Secondary Science Teacher geoffrey.pietrovito@stemk12.org
Sheetal Rajput Secondary Science Teacher sheetal.rajiput@stemk12.org
Kent Schnacke Secondary Science Teacher kent.schnacke@stemk12.org
Keith Sweeney Secondary Science Teacher keith.sweeney@stemk12.org
Nicole Walbek Chemistry Teacher ashley.walbek@stemk12.org
Rhett Butler Secondary Computer Science Teacher rhett.butler@stemk12.org
Tylor Chacon Secondary Computer Science Teacher tylor.chacon@stemk12.org
Todd Trichler HS Secondary Computer Science todd.trichler@stemk12.org
Lauchlin Blue Secondary Engineering Teacher lauchlin.blue@stemk12.org
Greg Reichmuth Secondary Engineering Teacher greg.reichmuth@stemk12.org
Megan Shapiro Secondary/CE Engineering Teacher megan.shapiro@stemk12.org
Jackie Viren Secondary Engineering/Robotics Teacher jackie.viren@stemk12.org
Jessica Bates Secondary Math Teacher jessica.bates@stemk12.org
Sara De Weese Secondary Math Teacher sara.deweese@stemk12.org
Jennifer Laske Secondary Math Teacher jennifer.laske@stemk12.org
Yacina Tamendjari HS Math Teacher yacina.tamendjari@stemk12.org
Heather Dillon 8th Grade Language Arts Teacher heather.dillon@stemk12.org
Rachel Espinosa 6th Grade Language Arts Teacher rachel.espinosa@stemk12.org
Susan Graham Secondary Language Arts Teacher susan.graham@stemk12.org
Victoria Hafner Language Arts Teacher victoria.hafner@stemk12.org
Tera Johnson-Swartz Secondary HS English Teacher tera.johnsonswartz@stemk12.org
Curt Shonkwiler Secondary English Language Arts Teacher curt.shonkwiler@stemk12.org
Shelly Wesley Secondary English Language Arts Teacher michelle.wesley@stemk12.org
Matthew Bellipanni Secondary Social Studies Teacher matthew.bellipanni@stemk12.org
John Griffin Secondary Social Studies Teacher john.griffin@stemk12.org
Daniel Kerwin Secondary Social Studies Teacher daniel.kerwin@stemk12.org
Michelle Montour Secondary Social Studies Teacher michelle.montour@stemk12.org
Kyle Perret Secondary Social Studies Teacher kyle.perret@stemk12.org
Evan Voorn Secondary Social Studies Teacher evan.voorn@stemk12.org
Beth Golden ASL Teacher (Sign Language) beth.golden@stemk12.org
Abby Tomic Secondary French Teacher Abby.tomic@stemk12.org
Gloria Berreth Secondary Spanish Teacher gloria.berreth@stemk12.org
Dorothy Lee Secondary Spanish Teacher dorothy.lee@stemk12.org
Bailee Zinter Secondary Spanish Teacher bailee.zinter@stemk12.org
Shoni Devitt Secondary Art Teacher shoni.devitt@stemk12.org
Joe Smith MS/HS Art Teacher joe.smith@stemk12.org
Morgan Roberts Secondary Drama Teacher morgan.roberts@stemk12.org
Andrew Gomez Secondary Music Teacher andrew.gomez@stemk12.org
James Hitch Secondary PE Teacher james.hitch@stemk12.org
Susan Jones Athletic Director/PE Teacher susan.jones@stemk12.org
Nancy Szczekocki AP Psychology & Health nancy.szczekocki@stemk12.org
Jen Newhouse High School Business Teacher jen.newhouse@stemk12.org
First Last Title School Email
Maria Campen In-house Substitute maria.campen@stemk12.org
Vance Carrier In-house Substitute vance.carrier@stemk12.org
Anthony Flores In-house Substitute anthony.flores@stemk12.org
Bryan Harrison Long-Term Sub-Secondary Math bryan.harrison@stemk12.org
Rod Lopez In-house Substitute rod.lopez@stemk12.org
Annette Nason In-House Substitute annette.nason@stemk12.org
Vinaya Raigaonkar In-house Substitute vinaya.raigaonkar@stemk12.org
Sheetal Rajput In-house Substitute sheetal.rajput@stemk12.org
First Last Title School Email
Keoni Anderson Instructional Assistant – Elementary FT keoni.anderson@stemk12.org
Angela Britzman Educational Assistant – Middle School FT angela.britzman@stemk12.org
Isabella Doucet Instructional Assistant – Elementary FT isabella.doucet@stemk12.org
Misty Eddy Instructional Assistant – Elementary FT misty.eddy@stemk12.org
Kara Howell Instructional Assistant – Elementary FT kara.howell@stemk12.org
Terri Irish Secondary Lead Educational Assistant terri.irish@stemk12.org
Jasen Jacobsen Instructional Assistant – Elementary FT jasen.jacobsen@stemk12.org
Kaitlyn Meska Instructional Assistant – Elementary FT kaitlyn.meska@stemk12.org
Ariana Palamara Instructional Assistant – Elementary FT ariana.palamara@stemk12.org
Abigail (Abby) Petersen Instructional Assistant – Elementary FT abby.petersen@stemk12.org
Neethu Ramachandran Secondary Educational Assistant – FT neethu.ramachandran@stemk12.org
Amir Trotter High School Educational Assistant – FT amir.trotter@stemk12.org
Sara Wagner Instructional Assistant – Elementary FT sara.wagner@stemk12.org
First Last Title School Email
Michelle Gasser Director of Curriculum and Instruction michelle.gasser@stemk12.org
Carissa Elliott Instructional Specialist carissa.elliott@stemk12.org
Mackenzie Harper PBL Specialist mackenzie.harper@stemk12.org
Jon Jennings GT Coordinator/Instructional Specialist jon.jennings@stemk12.org
Kathy Dwyer Instructional Specialist kathy.dwyer@stemk12.org
Julie Adamek Testing Coordinator julie.adamek@stemk12.org
Nicole Ryan Career Discovery Coordinator nicole.ryan@stemk12.org
First Last Title School Email
Kaeli Sandhoff Director of Student Support jistine.harrison@stemk12.org
Julie Fletcher Counseling Assistant julie.fletcher@stemk12.org
Lisa Clay MS Counselor (M-Z) lisa.clay@stemk12.org
Lily Williams MS Counselor (A-L) lily.williams@stemk12.org
Colene Belisle HS Counselor (A-L) colene.belisle@stemk12.org
Madison Grebe HS Counselor (M-Z) madison.grebe@stemk12.org
Kelli Myrick College & Career Counselor kelli.myrick@stemk12.org
Nicole Ryan Career Discovery nicole.ryan@stemk12.org
Lisa Casillas Behavioral Technician lisa.casillas@stemk12.org
Jill Dean K-8 Social Worker jill.dean@stemk12.org
Shannon Green ES LSS Teacher shannon.green@stemk12.org
Sharon Groeling Occupational Therapist sharon.groeling@stemk12.org
Tracy Grove MS Learning Specialist tracy.grove@stemk12.org
Becky Hathaway HS Learning Specialist becky.hathaway@stemk12.org
Rocki Sugrue HS Learning Specialist rocki.sugrue@stemk12.org
Laura Hoffmann Secondary SPED EA laura.hoffmann@stemk12.org
Srivandana Kilambi Secondary SPED EA srivandana.kilambi@stemk12.org
Kelly Padilla LSS Education Assistant kelly.padilla@stemk12.org
Stephanie Rapp-LeGrand LSS Education Assistant stephanie.rapp-legrand@stemk12.org
Kaeli Sandhoff IEP Case Manager kaeli.sandhoff@stemk12.org
Molly Cowles Speech Language Pathologist molly.cowles@stemk12.org
Rebekah Stoller Speech Language Pathologist rebekah.stoller@stemk12.org
Nicole Tellez K-12 English Language Development Teacher nicole.tellez@stemk12.org
Karen Perdue K-12 MTSS/READ Act Coordinator karen.perdue@stemk12.org
Stephanie Kugler Contracted Psychologist stephanie.kugler@stemk12.org
First Last Title School Email
Mike Pritchard IT Director mike.pritchard@stemk12.org
Jessie Hill IT Help Desk Technician jessie.hill@stemk12.org
Mattie Murphy IT Help Desk Technician mattie.murphy@stemk12.org
Hiroko Ichijo IT Help Desk Technician hiroko.ichijo@stemk12.org
First Last Title School Email
Melanie Fitzroy Enrichment Coordinator melanie.fitzroy@stemk12.org
Emily Jessen After-School Programming Assistant emily.jessen@stemk12.org
First Last Title School Email
Nicole Bostel Communications Director nicole.bostel@stemk12.org
Jeff Maher Communications Manager jeff.maher@stemk12.org
Daisy Bostel Therapy Dog
First Last Title School Email
TBA TBA Secondary Receptionist
TBA TBA Elementary Receptionist
Mona Loptien Office Assistant/Volunteer Coordinator mona.loptien@stemk12.org
First Last Title School Email
Ryan Alsup High School Director ryan.alsup@stemk12.org
Daniel Edwards Campus Security Specialist daniel.edwards@stemk12.org
Deputy Gabe Uribe School Resource Officer gabe.uribe@stemk12.org
First Last Title School Email
Mallory Jimenez School Nurse mallory.jimenez@stemk12.org
Celeste Boyer Elementary Health Assistant/Receptionist celeste.boyer@stemk12.org
Kim Martinez Secondary Health Assistant kim.martinez@stemk12.org
First Last Title School Email
Susan Jones Athletics Director susan.jones@stemk12.org
John Munro Athletics Assistant john.munro@stemk12.org
First Last Title School Email
Star Ake Chief Financial Officer star.ake@stemk12.org
Katherine Falter Bookkeeper/Payroll Lead kathy.falter@stemk12.org
Tammy Tryon Business Office Asst/General Purchaser tammy.tryon@stemk12.org
Ashley Westfall Business Office Asst ashley.westfall@stemk12.org
First Last Title School Email
Chris Damour Facilities Director chris.damour@stemk12.org
Navid Aghazadeh Assistant Facilities Manager navid.aghazadeh@stemk12.orgg
Maria Fountain Facility Use Coordinator maria.fountain@stemk12.org
Patricia Choto Custodian patricia.choto@stemk12.org