English Language Development (ELD)

English Language Development (ELD) at STEM is a support syhttps://stem in place for students who are multi-lingual learners. Practices include collaboration, coaching, co-teaching and direct English language and content instruction.

About ELD at STEM

Students, whose parents have indicated that they are multi-lingual learners on their enrollment forms, will go through a screening process at the beginning of the year to determine eligibility into the ELD Program. Once eligibility is determined, parents are notified of their student’s designation (NEL, LEP or Non-Qualified).

NEP students (non-English proficient) are taught basic English communications skills. LEP (Limited English proficient) students are taught Cognitive Academic English language skills.

Both NEP and LEP are required to take the ACCESS test (Federally mandated) each January. Scores on the test help to determine a student’s progress through the ELD program. Services are given 3-4 times a week by the ELD teacher. NEP students will learn basic English, while LEP students will learn Academic English in accordance with the curriculum taught in the classroom.

The ACCESS test will help to determine if students are ready to move to Monitor Status. Monitor year-one and year-two students are monitored on how they are doing with their coursework and are seen on an as-needed basis by the ELD teacher as indicated by the student’s progress. An open line of communication is continuously taking place between the ELD teacher, the student, the teacher(s) and the parents.

ELD instruction focuses on listening, speaking, reading and writing.

The ELD Team

Headshot of Nicole Tellez
Nicole Tellez
K-12 English Language Development Teacher

Helpful Resources

Colorin Colorado is an excellent multi-lingual resource for parents of second-language learners.