School Accountability Committee (SAC)

It’s parents, teachers, community, it’s YOU! In Colorado, it is a statutory requirement for every school to have a School Accountability Committee (SAC). The purpose of the SAC is to inform, encourage and provide opportunities for parent and community members to be involved in the planning and evaluation of the school’s instructional program and quality improvement processes. The SAC makes recommendations concerning the School’s performance, improvement, priority improvement, or turnaround plan, and meets to discuss implementation of the School’s plan and other progress pertinent to STEM’s accreditation contract with the Board of Education. The SAC makes recommendations to the director for prioritizing spending of school money.

Why Join SAC?

Educating our children is a partnership between families and educators; the STEM SAC is a great forum for parents to be involved in their children’s school.The SAC welcomes all parents and community members to attend their meetings to learn more about the “business” of educating our students.

SAC Meetings

If you’d like a meeting reminder, please email to be included on the Meeting Reminder email list.

SAC Members

  • Kelly Reyna, SAC Chair
  • Jason O’Rourke, SAC Vice-Chair
  • Amy Winans, SAC Recorder
  • Bernadette Amaya, DAC Representative
  • TBA, PTO Liaison
  • Dr. Karen Johnson, Director’s Designee
  • Samantha Liebenow, Elementary Teacher Representative
  • TBA, Secondary Teacher Representative
  • TBA, Community Representative
  • Carla Gustafson, SAC Parent Representative
  • Ben Ryder, SAC Parent Representative
  • Ronalea Alleman, SAC Parent Representative
  • D.J. Steines, SAC Parent Representative

Who To Contact

If you have questions about SAC, please email

SAC Documents