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Sources of Strength is a best practice youth suicide prevention program designed to change unhealthy norms and culture within schools. Our mission is to prevent suicide by increasing help-seeking behaviors and promoting positive connections between youth and caring adults.

This program is unique in that it moves beyond a singular approach to prevention. Rather than focusing solely on identifying risk factors, Sources of Strength utilizes a model of prevention through positivity and support.

Students who are part of this program work together to bring hope, help, and strength to our school through a series of campaigns and initiatives aimed at creating a positive environment for all. The program also dedicates time to creating a space for open dialogues between peers in a structured but safe setting. Students can tackle tough topics with each other and adult advisors in order to process through their struggles and hear stories of perseverance.

By strengthening students’ ability to access their individual strengths and promoting a culture where asking for help is encouraged, we’re ensuring that when times get tough, everyone has someone or something they can rely on.


Utilizing our strengths is so important, especially during this time. Sources of Strength Peer Leaders want to encourage you to do just that! Sources of Strength would like to share the resources below. We would like to encourage you to utilize all of your strengths and remember the power of CONNECTION, HOPE, HELP and STRENGTH!

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  1. Exercise.  Exercising is proven to help mental health and it is good activity to do in general.  Ex: Try an online Zumba class, there are several free for students opportunities.
  2. Connect with your friends or family online; it helps you see other people that are not the people you live with.  You can even play online games via Google Hangouts, also free through the month.
  3. Try a new hobby, it’s a perfect time to start gardening. 
  4. If you have pets, play or walk them. 
  5. Play video games, not too much, but video games are useful when you are stuck in your house 
  6. Pay attention to the small things, like what the weather is or what plants are growing outside.  Ex: Name three beautiful things you see on a walk.
  7. Go outside, go on a walk, you need it. 
  8. Have movie nights and watch movies with your family or Google Hangout with friends.  
  9.  If you have a backyard play in it. 
  10.  Do what you always wanted to do but you were too busy for it.

As always, please make sure to speak with a trusted adult if you have concerns regarding your mental health!

Check out this awesome playlist from Sources of Strength called “Calming

Here are some ways to utilize your spirituality and generosity sources of strength!


  • Meditate
  • Be non-judgemental
  • Sit outside
  • Complete random acts of kindness
  • Spend time in nature
  • Read
  • Create a journal and write your thoughts


  • Spend quality time with family
  • Go out of your way for someone
  • Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while
  • Make breakfast for your family
  • Volunteer
  • Go through your clothes, books and other belongings and donate what you no longer want or need

It is very important to stay in touch with your pals! Here are some fun activities and ideas you can do with your friends even if you are miles apart!

Video Chat

There are many platforms you can use to call and facetime your friends on!
Google Hangouts
Google Duo

Watch a Movie

Watch the same movie alongside your friends with Netflix Party! If you are allowed, download Netflix Party as a chrome extension and enjoy a film with your bubbies! Here are some suggested movies, have fun!

Mary Poppin Returns
Spiderman: Into the Spider Verse
Ralph Breaks the internet
The Little Prince
Spy Kids
Christopher Robin

Scavenger Hunt

Have a virtual scavenger hunt! Mave a list of things you need to find! Snap a photo of the item and make a digital collage. Send your pics to your friends. See he was able to find the most things!

Pen Pal

Write a letter to your closest friends. Let them know how important they are to you and you are always there to support them! It even can be as simple as a quick email; or you can get fancy and post them a handwritten note in the mail!

Start a Blog

Create a shared document with your friends. Have everyone write the date and what they did during their day. Make sure to ask for them to include pictures! This will also aid in being a great conversation starter for video chats!

It is very important to stay healthy. Both physically and mentally. Keeping a strong connection with your friends shows them that they are supported. Show your participation in this source of strength, Positive Friends!

Here are some healthy activities to do while we are online learning. We are using a lot of tech to get all of our work done so doing activities give us a good break. These are healthy mentally and physically, so there isn’t just one kind of way to stay healthy.

  • Yoga
  • Bake
  • Read
  • Board games
  • Bike riding
  • Taking a walk
  • Dance
  • Workout
  • Jog
  • Play sports with your sibling or parents

Watch a Movie

Right now is a great time to start a movie marathon with your fam! Start watching a new series! Share your favorite movies with your friends and their families as well!

Have a Virtual Family Reunion

Video call your family members and have a virtual reunion! Give them updates on how things are going and catch up! This is a great way to get the WHOLE family involved and spend some quality time with them, wherever they may be in the world!

Game Night

Set a weekly day to have a family game night. Play all your favorite board or card games, the loser has to make dinner!

Cook a Meal

Give your parents a break of dinner duty. Search up a recipe and make your family a surprise supper meal!

Cookies and a Chat

Video call your grandparents and send them a recipe you can make with them while you guys catch up. They’ll love to have something to do as well as see their grandchildren!

Go on a Walk

Have The whole family get out of the house and take the dog for a walk around the neighborhood! Pets are part of the family and deserve some attention too!

Start a Garden

Plant seeds in your backyard. Have each family member in charge of a certain group of vegetation.

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