Beth Golden

My Bio

I am joining STEM as the new ASL instructor. I Love teaching ASL and am excited to teach at STEM. I have a BA degree from CSU in Art Education
and an AAS degree from FRCC in Interpreting. I
became a certified Sign Language Interpreter in 1998 and still love facilitating communication between Deaf/Hard of hearing and hearing people. I have been married to an artist for over 35 years, have 2 grown sons who make me laugh everyday. I love cats. In my free time I enjoy throwing pottery (on a wheel…not like a baseball…!), road trips, any kind of festival, watching scary movies followed by a rom-com, being outdoors, but mostly hanging with my family and friends.

My Favorite Things

Starbucks Drink or Snack: Summer: Iced Green Tea Winter: Pumpkin Spice Latte

Favorite Snacks: Brookside Dark Chocolate Acai & Blueberry, Popcorn

Favorite Places to Eat: Panera or Parry’s Pizza

Favorite Drinks: coffee! (but my go-to is water)

Favorite Place to Shop: Amazon, Hobby Lobby

Hobbies: Pottery, Movies, Road Trips

Favorite Colors: Blue and Gold! (and green)