Curt Shonkwiler

My Bio

I am joining STEM School this year as a high school ELA teacher. I am a native son of Colorado who left for many years for school and career. I attended graduate school at Harvard University in Comparative Literature, where I received the way, but somewhere along the way to a career in academia I realized that I could make more of a positive impact in secondary education, and so I transitioned to high school education, where I am now in my fourth year teaching. I truly believe that the solutions to most of the problems that bedevil our world, as well as the key to happiness and human flourishing, is to be found in education, and that STEM School is performing great things in this endeavor. I can’t wait to help ALL my students reach their potential and goals in life. In my spare time, I tutor and do college application coaching, and I enjoy studying languages, writing novels and volunteering for social justice. I’m married and have a beautiful one year old son.

My Favorite Things

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