Geoffrey Pietrovito

Geoffrey Pietrovito

My Bio

Geoffrey Pietrovito joined STEM in August of 2021 as a Secondary Science Teacher. He used to teach physics (and a little chemistry) at the high school level, but is excited to try his hand at teaching middle school students. He loves the subject because it’s all about exploring how the world works through hands-on labs, demonstrations, and engineering challenges.

He holds a degree in Applied Physics with a minor in Philosophy from Christopher Newport University (2013) and a master’s degree in Teaching with a concentration in physics from CNU (2014).

In his free time, he enjoys playing video games (Pokemon Go, Overwatch, Minecraft, etc.). He also enjoys playing the piano and bass guitar, snowboarding and playing any group sports.

My Favorite Things

Favorite Snacks: Trail mix, candy, or fruit

Favorite Places to Eat: First Watch, Thai food, or Burritos

Favorite Drinks: Black tea

Hobbies: Rubiks cubes, walking/hiking, and snowboarding

Favorite Colors: Blue