Ishmeet Kalra

My Bio

Ishmeet has been part of the STEM community since 2016, and currently, has a child in middle school and another in elementary school. Ishmeet has been an active volunteer at STEM, volunteering in the classroom, helping in the lunchroom, providing parent perspective on multiple school committees, serving on the SAC, and partnering with PTO. She is also an active member in the larger community, serving as a parent representative on Douglas County School District’s Strategic Plan Leadership Cohort, Gifted Education Advisory Council and Equity Advisory Council.

Professionally, Ishmeet has a master’s in Molecular Biology & Microbiology from San Jose State University in San Jose, California. Her thesis research at the California Department of Health focused on molecular diagnostics of human respiratory viruses. Her work in the biotech industry focused on protein engineering and the optimization of metabolic pathways to develop enzymes for household products and biofuels.

Ishmeet is passionate about rigorous academics, equality of access, and advocating for safe and inclusive schools. She is committed to supporting STEM’s mission and vision. She hopes to leverage her knowledge and experience to provide a unique perspective on the STEM Board.