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Michelle Gasser

My Bio

Michelle Gasser joined STEM in the Fall of 2017, where she served as a fourth-grade teacher. During her time at STEM she has served as Instructional Coach, Fourth-Grade Logistics Leader, Director of Professional Development and now Director of Curriculum and Instruction.

She holds a Masters’s Degree from Walden University and her National Board Certification in Elementary Education.

Michelle was born in Wiesbaden, Germany and moved to Florida when she was two. She studied Broadcast Communications and Accounting before finding her passion in education. While getting her degree, she met her husband, who continued to encourage her to pursue her passion. After graduation, she worked as a first-grade teacher for five years and a fifth-grade teacher for one year before moving to Colorado.

Upon moving to Colorado, Michelle began working as a fourth-grade teacher and moved into the role of Gifted Coordinator for her school. During this time, she began working with CDE to develop a STEM curriculum and to infuse STEM into Title One schools. Michelle decided to continue to pursue her passion for STEM education by transitioning herself and her two children to STEM School Highlands Ranch.

In her free time, Michelle enjoys spending time with her children, skiing, traveling, and working out.

My Favorite Things

Favorite Starbucks Drink or Snack: Latte Machiatto

Favorite Snacks: chips

Favorite Places to Eat: PF Chang

Favorite Drink: Lemonade

Favorite Place to Shop: TJ Maxx

Favorite Colors: green