Headshot of Rhett Butler

Rhett Butler

My Bio

Rhett Butler joined the STEM computer science faculty in August of 2022 as a Middle School computer science teacher. Before joining STEM, he was an industry professional for 5 years in the USDA as a computer programmer for the Rangeland Resources & Systems Research Unit (RRSRU).

He left to pursue his dream of teaching, believing that computer science is one of the most valuable disciplines a modern student can learn. He is excited to begin his new journey at STEM Highlands Ranch, focusing on instilling the problem-solving methods and logical, critical thinking that help students thrive in computer science and beyond.

He has a bachelor’s in Computer Science and Interdisciplinary Film Studies from Colorado State University and is pursuing his teaching licensure from CU Denver. He enjoys football, video games, Magic the Gathering, camping, ATVing, cult movies, and longboarding.

My Favorite Things

Favorite Starbucks Drink or Snack: Unsweetened black ice tea

Favorite Snacks: Takis, jerky

Favorite Places to Eat: Mexican food, Steakhouse, Sushi

Favorite Drinks: La Croix (esp. Beach Plum)

Favorite Place to Shop: Spencer’s

Hobbies: MTG, video games, football, camping

Favorite Colors: purple, orange, black