Headshot of Rhett Butler

Rhett Butler

My Bio

Rhett Butler joined the STEM computer science faculty in August of 2022 as a secondary computer science teacher. Prior to joining STEM, he was an industry professional for 5 years in the USDA as a computer programmer for the Rangeland Resources & Syhttps://stems Research Unit (RRSRU). He left to pursue his dream of teaching, and he believes that computer science is one of the most valuable disciplines a modern student can learn. He is excited to continue journey at STEM School Highlands Ranch with his focus being instilling the problem-solving methods and logical, critical thinking that help students thrive in computer science and beyond.
He has a bachelor’s in Computer Science and Interdisciplinary Film Studies from Colorado State University and a teaching license from CU Denver. He enjoys football, video games, Magic the Gathering, camping, ATVing, cult movies, and longboarding.

My Favorite Things

Favorite Starbucks Drink or Snack: Unsweetened black ice tea

Favorite Snacks: Takis, jerky

Favorite Places to Eat: Mexican food, Steakhouse, Sushi

Favorite Drinks: La Croix (esp. Beach Plum)

Favorite Place to Shop: Spencer’s

Hobbies: MTG, video games, football, camping

Favorite Colors: purple, orange, black