Headshot of Ryan Thatcher

Ryan Thatcher

My Bio

Hello, I am Ryan Thatcher. I have been part of STEM for 5 years now. I have been teaching 3rd grade here for that time. I have also been the Varsity Basketball Coach here for the last 4 years and have enjoyed growing our program. Before joining STEM I taught a year in Littleton and before that I taught for 15 years in California. If you put that all together then I have been in the classroom for 21 years. I am really excited to begin a new year and am looking forward to the next adventure. 

I have a bachelor’s degree from Purdue University in Elementary Education and a Masters degree in Curriculum Development and Instruction from American College of Education. My wife is also an educator and we have three children all attending STEM at each level the High School, Middle and Elementary. In my off time I enjoy swimming and golf in the summer and snowboarding in the winter and woodworking all year.

My Favorite Things

Favorite Starbucks Drink or Snack: Black coffee

Favorite Snacks: Doritos, beef jerky, and almonds

Favorite Places to Eat: Sawa Sushi

Favorite Drinks: Coffee, lemon-lime Gatorade,

Favorite Place to Shop: REI

Hobbies: Pickleball, fishing, and woodworking