Star Ake

A little about my background and why I love this school:I graduated from the University of Colorado at Denver with a BS in Accounting.  Right out of college I worked for one of the largest accounting firms in the world ( big 6) Arthur Andersen.  I worked in the audit department for about 3-4 years and received my CPA certification. After I left Arthur Andersen I worked for a leasing company and after that a leisure company that owns golf and ski resorts. In July 2012 I was asked by the previous business manager at STEM to work as a consultant to help with the business office,  and more specifically the audit. My background in audit has allowed me to have  a very protective understanding of what good stewardship looks like especially when it comes to state and local funds.
My goals here at STEM is to allow our staff to have the best tools and supplies needed to meet our students learning needs and to build budgets that allow STEM to retain the best staff. My desire is always to be expense wise and and staff conscience. In other words spend frugally but always meet the staff needs to perform at the highest level in every department of the school. What that means is ensuring safety, teaching and staff support all have what they need to perform at the highest level. I love STEM- it has great ingenuity, creativity and students retention of learning is also at the highest level.
If you have questions about how we do things in the business office or about my background and approach to ensuring the highest level on integrity on behalf of STEM please feel free to send me an email.