Headshot of Tylor Chacon

Tylor Chacon

My Bio

Tylor Chacon joined STEM as a Secondary Computer Science Teacher in January of 2022. He is excited to work with the incredible students, parents, and staff at STEM and eager to contribute to the school’s excellent computer science program. Mr. Chacon teaches AP Computer Science A, Database, Intro to Programming, and 7th Grade Computer Science classes at STEM. He looks forward to becoming a long-term instructor whom students will learn from at multiple points in their time at STEM.

He moved with his family from Louisiana to Colorado seven years ago and absolutely loves living and working in the greater Denver area. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from Louisiana State University and is looking forward to continuing his education in computer science-related fields. Before teaching at STEM, he taught AP computer science courses at charter schools in the Denver / Boulder area and has previously managed businesses in the finance industry. He has also served communities in the Denver area by conducting programs at libraries focused on technology education for young people for free and as a paid consultant.

With many years of experience working with diverse communities of young people in Denver, Boulder, and Aurora, he is dedicated to providing a high-quality and joyful experience to his students that they will remember for years to come. His preferred teaching style includes project-based learning, standards-based learning, and providing a healthy mix of activities that teach students how to apply content knowledge in creative ways. He also believes in “productive struggle” which allows students to attempt rigorous challenges, learn to help others, and learn from their mistakes.

Outside of the classroom, he has over 15 years of experience designing and coding video game projects for fun and enjoys taking on new coding challenges and trying new programming languages. Besides coding, his major hobbies revolve around exercise and working out. He loves biking, jogging, swimming, hiking, and exploring the beautiful state of Colorado with his long-term partner / high school sweetheart. He also enjoys spending time with his two pets – Falkor and Sir Fluffikins.

My Favorite Things

Favorite Starbucks Drink or Snack: Tea

Favorite Snacks: Fruit

Favorite Places to Eat: Smoothie King

Favorite Drinks: Water, lemonade, tea

Favorite Place to Shop: Target, King Soopers

Hobbies: Biking, hiking, making video games

Favorite Color: Green