Headshot of Vanessa Sanchez

Vanessa Sanchez

My Bio

Vanessa Sanchez joined the STEM Elementary Teaching Team in April of 2021 as one of our  wonderful Kindergarten teachers, she is eager to start her second year teaching at STEM. Prior to joining STEM, she was a Preschool teacher for 14  years in a private school in Douglas County. She taught preschool and pre-k throughout the 14  years of teaching. Her passion is working with children and caring about their well being. She wants to build a classroom community that is welcoming and that everyone can learn something new to help make their community a better place. She is excited to continue her  journey at  STEM Highlands Ranch with her focus to support her students and staff.  

Vanessa has a Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education with Licensure from Metropolitan State  University. She graduated with high honors in December of 2020. She loves Colorado and  driving to small mountain towns to explore them. Vanessa tries to get on the hiking trails as  much as she can throughout the year. She loves paddleboarding at Soda Lake Park. Vanessa  also enjoys reading Nocholas Sparks novels while sitting by a fire drinking a warm cup of  coffee. 

My Favorite Things

Favorite Starbucks Drink or Snack: Skinny Carmel Macchiato

Favorite Snacks: Any salty!

Favorite Places to Eat: Qdoba and chick-fil-a

Favorite Drinks: Coffee!

Favorite Place to Shop: Amazon and Target

Hobbies: Reading and hiking

Favorite Colors: Teal and Gray