Headshot of Yacina Tamendjari

Yacina Tamendjari

My Bio

Yacina Tamendjari joined the STEM Team in 2015 as a substitute teacher and education assistant, then later became a secondary Math Teacher in 2019. Prior to joining STEM, she was a substitute teacher at Douglas County for 2 years, a math tutor for middle and high school students, a preschool teacher at Primrose for 2 years, and a French Teacher at Yak Academy in South Denver for 1 year. Her passion is working with kids, as she has two of her own. She is excited to begin a new chapter at STEM Highlands Ranch with a goal of assisting as many students as possible and sharing her passion for Mathematics.

She received a  Master’s Degree in Agricultural Economics and got her teaching license at the University of Colorado Denver. Yacina speaks and writes 4 languages, she enjoys cooking, teaching, and spending time with her family, friends, and spending time in the Colorado outdoors.

My Favorite Things

Starbucks Drink or Snack: iced brown sugar oat-milk shaken espresso

Favorite Snacks: Dark Chocolate or Salt n vinegar chips

Favorite Places to Eat: Olive Garden

Favorite Drinks: Lemonade

Favorite Place to Shop: TjMaxx

Hobbies: Walking outdoors.

Favorite Colors: Red