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Technology Support at STEM

The Technology Suppor Team (also known as Office of Awesomeness!) helps to support all of the technology needs of our students and staff, while also assisting our families with getting connected.

Our Team

Nate Carpenter
Nate Carpenter
IT Help Desk Technician Lead
Jessie Hill
Jessie Hill
IT Help Desk Technician
Evan Reed
IT Help Desk Technician

Additional Resources

If you are new to STEM, here are some things that you need to know:

  • Your student will have 2 emails. One that ends in and the STEM email in the format of
    • You can access this email at
    • Default password: stem1234
  • Canvas –
    • Go to the “Quick Guide to Systems” to find out how to access Canvas as a parent
  • How can I get help?
    • email and someone from our IT team will respond as soon as possible
    • Call 720-864-0255 – We will not always be able to answer but will respond as soon as possible

Laptop Purchase Recommendations – Fifth-12th Grade Students

Laptops are only required for middle and high school students. For STEM laptop purchase recommendations, please click here. 
Dongle for Laptop
Our new wireless structure will require that all computers connect to 5GhZ radio. This may impact students with older computers. Most newer devices already have a wireless card installed that connects to 5GhZ radio.  If your computer is older or does not connect to 5GhZ radio, you will have to purchase a WIFI dongle. It can be purchased online or at any tech retailer starting at about $30. Search for “WiFI Dongle 5 GHz.”  There should be a lot of options!


Check out this tutorial on how to use Canvas from a parent’s perspective:

Infinite Campus (IC)

Infinite Campus (IC) is the Douglas County School District’s Student Portal that houses all information about a student, including grades, schedules, report cards, credits, transcripts and historical information. The IC app can be downloaded from the Google Play or Apple App Store for your Smartphone.

After downloading the app to your phone, use the DCSD ID QKKYJL during set-up. Student username is Last Name, First Initial and Middle Initial. (Ex: SpartanSE) No spaces or punctuation is needed.

Your password will be Dcsd and your student number. (Ex: Dcsd123456) No spaces and the D must be capitalized.

Google Apps for Education

DCSD provides students and staff access to Google Apps for Education, a collaborative suite of web-based programs providing email, word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, calendaring and other productivity tools.

Google Apps for Education aligns with our 21st century teaching practices, as well as with the DCSD’s Board of Education’s End Statements and the DCSD Strategic Plan. In line with DCSD’s Choice objective, each school leader can individually decide what tools shall be available for use in their building.

All STEM students will be assigned a email address that will stay with them throughout their enrollment at STEM. This email will give them access to the Google Suite of Educational Apps. Log-in information will be provided once the student is enrolled. Questions about student emails should be submitted to

How to Access your Google Apps Account:

As parents and guardians, you can access your student’s Google Apps account login information through the Infinite Campus’ Parent Portal. After logging into your IC Parent Portal account, click on the Student Account Info link in the left column to see your student’s current username and password.

Privacy and Student Data Security
Google has provided a thorough resource page discussing many of the questions you may have about data security and your student’s privacy while using Google Apps for Education. Learn more about Google’s security practices.

Please note: As a District provided service, we have the obligation and right to monitor and view any student inbox based on concerns over privacy, security, and/or technical issues.

May I opt out of Google Apps?
What if I prefer that my student not have a Google account, may I opt out?
If you prefer that your student is not provided with a DCSD Google Apps for Education account, please contact your school registrar; they will assist with turning off Google Apps for your student.

Student Data Privacy

The STEM School Highlands Ranch cares deeply about the privacy of our students. We are committed to ensuring that their data is protected in every instance, and that we are in compliance with the Colorado Student Data Transparency and Security Act (HB 16-1423) and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

DCSD has always protected student data. The new Colorado Student Data Transparency and Security Act is helping to reinforce this protection by focusing on:

  • Reinforcing protocol for using software and working with vendors
  • Transparency for our community on what student data the CDE and DCSD collects and how its collected
  • Bringing greater awareness of elements to look for on click-through contracts for free online apps

View FAQ’s on Student Data Privacy from the Parent Coalition for Student Privacy