THE SYNK (a synchronous learning environment) connects teachers and students to schools, higher education and industry from all over the world.

About The SYNK

Our approach is based upon a virtual connection that goes well beyond traditional online courses. Our approach implements collaborations where students and teachers:

  • Work together in real time
  • Solve real-world problems (PBL, problem-based learning)
  • Collaborate with local business, industry, higher education, and subject matter experts

With this approach, the walls that confine traditional learning are eliminated. Students are able to collaborate in real time with infinite learning partners.  Every class is connected to anyone or anything that enables them to tackle the world’s most challenging problems.

Here is some further reading about these challenges.  National Academy of Engineering   and UN Sustainable Summit.

In THE SYNK, all students, regardless of location or resources can have equitable access to education.  Through this experience, students are exposed to:
  • Experiential Learning
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Respect for Global Perspectives
  • Collaboration
  • Problem-Based Learning
  • Empathy
  • Innovation
  • Creativity

Global Learning:

Here's How You Can be Part of it Now

Industry:  We can connect you to students and teachers who need to know the skills and knowledge required to succeed in your industry. You can help us connect this important learning to the most urgent needs in industry. This two-way collaboration will use the design process to improve what we teach by collaborating with you on what is most important.

Teachers: We empower teachers to help students learn globally by breaking down the status quo that teachers are the sole delivery syhttps://stem of content.  Instead, we, as teachers, connect the infinite potential of students to experts, global perspectives and innovative learning approaches.

Students: Your dreams for yourself and the opportunities you seek are not always found in traditional classrooms.  We will listen and work with you, opening windows to the experiences that you want.  Together with other students advocating for their own learning, your generation will change the world.

Parents: How do we balance the educational values of the past, with the ever-changing world of technology? Now more than ever parents, teachers, industry, higher education and community need to stay connected through collaborations. You want the best for your children and want them prepared for the future.  Students want this too.

Reach out to us to learn more about how you can work with us to help transform education by breaking down barriers and allowing learning to occur anywhere, anytime with anyone. Send us an inquiry here.

Building Ships

Vision: Students who are connected to an entire community feel supported and will thrive in joyful learning opportunities.

Mission: We are inviting industry, community, and businesses to join us in making sure every student has the kind of ships that promote kindness, readiness for future careers, and passion for infinite opportunities to help humanity.