STEM School Highlands Ranch

Never Stop Innovating

Teacher Care Model

The Teacher Care Model was designed to promote growth and support for teachers at STEM. STEM wants to create authentic systems that attract and retain high-caliber teachers.


  • To increase teacher retention
  • To provide training and support for STEM teachers
  • To develop a STEM Teacher Institute
2019-20 STEM Staff

Areas of Focus

On-going Teacher Support

  • Providing Student-Centered coaching framework
  • Release time for teacher mentors
  • Peer-Coaching Model

Teacher Training

  • Additional training time added to the beginning of the year for new teachers, mentors and Instructional Coaches.
  • New STEM teacher curriculum

Teacher Compensation

  • Stipends, competitive salary and higher ed opportunities
  • Work with Teacher Compensation Committee

Teacher Institute

  • Teacher residency programs
  • Growth towards leadership
  • PBL as the core of STEM teaching model


  • One-Year Metric

    • Curriculum developed for STEM Teacher Institute
  • Three-Year Metric

    • Increase the number of coaches, 1:7, and increase release time to 25 hours per month per coach.- We have already implemented this in the 2020-2021 school year and will be reviewing feedback and making improvements.

Goals of Metrics

  • STEM will be a community in which staff feel supported and inspired to Never Stop Innovating.
  • Teachers nationwide will participate in our STEM Teacher Institute as a certified induction process or as an alternative licensure program.