Teacher Care Model

The Teacher Care Model was designed to promote growth and support for teachers at STEM. STEM wants to create authentic systems that attract and retain high-caliber teachers.


  • To increase teacher retention
  • To provide training and support for STEM teachers
  • To develop a STEM Teacher Institute
2019-20 STEM Staff

Areas of Focus

On-going Teacher Support

  • Providing Student-Centered coaching framework
  • Release time for teacher mentors
  • Peer-Coaching Model

Teacher Training

  • Additional training time added to the beginning of the year for new teachers, mentors and Instructional Coaches.
  • New STEM teacher curriculum

Teacher Compensation

  • Stipends, competitive salary and higher ed opportunities
  • Work with Teacher Compensation Committee

Teacher Institute

  • Teacher residency programs
  • Growth towards leadership
  • PBL as the core of STEM teaching model


  • One-Year Metric

    • Curriculum developed for STEM Teacher Institute
  • Three-Year Metric

    • Increase the number of coaches, 1:7, and increase release time to 25 hours per month per coach.- We have already implemented this in the 2020-2021 school year and will be reviewing feedback and making improvements.

Goals of Metrics

  • STEM will be a community in which staff feel supported and inspired to Never Stop Innovating.
  • Teachers nationwide will participate in our STEM Teacher Institute as a certified induction process or as an alternative licensure program.