Career Discovery Stories – Alexandra Choudhury

Career Discovery

Kai Kingman

Mentor: Veronica Montalvo, Sr. Manager Partner Success, Acquiring Solutions

“I wouldn’t have found an opportunity to connect with my fantastic mentor if it wasn’t for Career Discovery. She works at VISA, and has given me a lot of insight on a lot of different things! She’s helped me understand some subjects better for my FBLA and DECA projects/competitions, come up with ideas to pursue in my extracurriculars, and has also shown me a lot of opportunities that VISA provides. She’s also a Bolivian like me, so it’s super nice that we can connect with and bond over a similar culture. Overall, this mentorship has been invaluable to me because it’s helped me understand a field that I’m interested in as well as given me more insight into what professional life after college is like. I always look forward to our meetings, and I’m excited to continue my relationship with my mentor!”

– Alexandra (STEM Student)

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