Check-In with Ms. Kovalesky (02/23/24)

Check-In with Ms. Kovalesky

Dear STEM Parents and Community,

It is hard to believe that STEM is entering the hiring season for the 2024-25 school year. STEM values its employees and strives to recruit and retain top employees. Each year, we ask our staff to inform us of their intent to return so that we can continue our planning process for the new school year.

Our Master Schedule is created and impacted by the following factors:

  • Intent to Return Data
  • Incoming students for the new school year
  • Returning Staff

Data collection during this process is so important, so we strongly encourage families to inform us as soon as possible if their enrollment needs are changing. This year, we will send the Intent to Return/Not Return form again in late April/Early May to get one more look at the projected enrollment of our current families. If you have any questions, please email registrar@ first so that we can answer your questions.

Currently, our Staff Intent to Return data looks very strong, and while we anticipate that there will be some movement amongst our staff, we are very pleased with the data so far. We are now moving forward into the Teacher Contract Stage and would like to have all teaching staff their new employment contracts before Spring Break.

While we desire to keep all of our staff, we honor each person’s personal needs and support their goals and decisions regardless of their intentions.

Teacher retention has impacted our country, state, district, and school. Over the past few years, we have increased our staff retention rates and hope to continue that trajectory this year. A note of celebration that I would like to share is that last year we recorded a 76% teacher retention rate, up from 64% in the 2021-22 school year.

We acknowledge the current demands on our staff and are continually seeking ways to improve their work environment. We thank our parents for assisting us in these efforts. Thank you for creating positive relationships built around trust and communication and helping to create a positive work environment at STEM.

Over the next several weeks, you’ll notice that our Employment Page on our website will begin to populate with projected open positions for the 2024-25 School Year. We ask that you support us in our efforts to support all of our staff, and If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your appropriate school director.

Please visit our school website to review our job postings and to share the exciting opportunities with your friends and family. Your recommendation can help us continue to recruit top candidates and ensure your students receive the highest quality learning and development opportunities.

In partnership,

LynAnn Kovalesky, STEM Executive Director

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