Check-In with Ms. Kovalesky (08/18/23)

Check-In with Ms. Kovalesky

Thank you for your partnership over the last two weeks. The start of this school year has been an enormous success, but it has come with some minor challenges. Our students and staff have felt your support and dedication and have helped us navigate those challenges with ease.

STEM Updates

Student Drop Off

The new pullout lane off Barrons Blvd and the ability to drop Secondary Students off at 7:10 a.m. at the Secondary and Athletic entrances helped improve the start of the morning for our students. Students have demonstrated a general acceptance of the new procedures involving the Evolv Express Syhttps://stem and all feel a heightened sense of school safety. We thank you for your patience as we navigated a few options to find the best solution. All of this will be included in our Pilot Program updates that we provide to the Douglas County Commissioners.

Student Pick-Up

Our Elementary and Secondary Drivelines are improving each day. Afterschool Enrichment programming begins next week and will help lighten the traffic on both drivelines and get students and families home much sooner.

We kindly request that you continue to follow all of the rules regarding our drop-off and pick-up procedures to ensure all of our students and staff’s safety and to stay in compliance with our Traffic Management Plan. Parking in the surrounding business area lots and private streets behind the townhomes is strictly prohibited. If you have questions or need assistance with better understanding these guidelines, please watch our helpful tutorial videos.

Access Updates

Our Secondary Students have attended four access classes this year. All students attended a Back-to-School Assembly and our annual Club Rush event. They have also had opportunities to develop relationships with their classmates and started to build a classroom community that they will be a part of for years to come.
Access is an opportunity for students to get their academic and social-emotional needs met. We will also conduct brief student surveys to get feedback from students on how they feel about our new initiatives, events, and school needs.

We hope that when questions and/or situations arise, you utilize our Communication Pathway to seek answers. Our goal is to build a strong partnership with every parent and guardian to ensure that every student is able to thrive, lead and succeed.

In partnership,

LynAnn Kovalesky, Executive Director

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