COVID Update – Monday, Oct. 4 – Secondary Exposures

Dear STEM School Highlands Ranch Secondary Families,

We were notified today several secondary students have tested positive for COVID-19. The students were instructed to move into isolation and not to return to school until their quarantine period is over.

The seventh-grade student was lasst at STEM on Thursday, Sept. 30 and had the following schedule: Period 3 French (Lutz), Period 5 language Arts (Farnan), Period 7 Social Studies (Rogers, Period 9 MS Study Hall (Nason).

The ninth-grade student was last at STEM on Thursday, Sept. 30 and had the following schedule: Period 3 Study Hall (Hawken), Period 5 Manufactering (Hardy), Period 7 English (Vitale), Period 9 Spanish (Moreno).

The 10th-grade student was last at STEM on Friday, Oct. 1 and had the following schedule: Period 2 World Literature (Graham), Period 3 Chemistry (Walbek), Period 4 Geomtery (Bates), Period 5 World History (Smith), Period 6 Spanish (Moreno), Period 7 Spanish (Sandoval) Period 8 Study Hall (Hawken), Period 9 US Government (Smith).

If your student was present on either of those days in those classes, they may have been exposed. We ask that you please monitor them for symptoms of COVID and if they develop any, please keep them at home.

It is at the family’s discretion if they would like to keep their secondary student (who is not COVID positive and not showing any COVID symptoms) home from school, however, we do ask that they please follow the proper attendance procedures by calling the attendance line. We want all COVID-positive students and staff to remain at home.

If your student tests positive for COVID-19, please contact our School Nurse, Mallory Jimenez ( immediately. She will then notify the appropriate STEM Leadership Team members to then initiate our communication process. Ms. Jimenez will then provide instructions on the next steps.

If your student is sick or you are keeping them home out of an abundance of caution, please remember to call our attendance at 303-683-7836. Parents of Elementary students can also reach out to their student’s teacher to let them know that their student will be out.

At this time, there will be no synchronous instruction that will take place for students who are absent. Students will have two days for every one day they are absent to complete their assignments and check-in with their teachers.

Please note: Extended absences start on the 11th school day that a student is absent. If an absence continues past 10 days, parents will need to complete the Extended Absence Form.

Please reach out to with any questions.

Thank you,

STEM School Highlands Ranch Communications

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