Driveline Safety Message from Deputy Gabe


Dear STEM School Highlands Ranch Families,

Below is a message from our School Resource Officer Deputy Gabe Uribe about an incident that happened this morning during drop-off. Please read it carefully. The STEM Leadership Team supports and echos what is being shared by Deputy Gabe.

Dear STEM Family,

In the past, you have heard me talk/write about how to keep our students safe. The school and I have encouraged you to make decisions following guidelines set by STEM and State Law. Please understand that our main goal is to keep you and your children safe.

Today, during drop-off, there was an incident right outside the Secondary driveline exit (S Ridgeline Boulevard). One student went across the street toward STEM without using the crosswalk (crosswalk is at least 100 ft away or more). The student, who was riding a scooter, did not stop to look both ways and did not use appropriate safety precautions. As the student was on the road, a vehicle hit the student. The student landed on top of the vehicle’s hood causing damage to the vehicle. Thankfully, the student did not suffer any injuries at all. The fire department was called in to assess the student to make sure the student was fine.

I have been warning everyone about the possibility of this happening. I have been encouraging students and parents to use the crosswalk and to be safe. Unfortunately, neither the students nor some parents are following the guidelines set by STEM and state law about the use of crosswalks. This event could have been tragic. This student could have gotten severely injured. I do not think saving a few seconds (time it takes to walk to the crosswalk to cross the street) is worth risking your life, and the wellbeing of others. Several drivers leaving STEM’s parking lot and driving on Ridgeline have shared with us how close they have come to hitting a pedestrian.

The Communications Team at STEM has been sharing information in the Weekly Newsletter each week. This information is so important and I am asking you to please read those updates to ensure that we are all staying safe. It is your responsibility to follow the law and to encourage your students to do this as well. I am afraid an accident like today’s could happen again, and I am even more afraid the outcome could be worse.

Thank you for your help and cooperation. Please talk to your students and lead by example as well.

Deputy Gabe

Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to keeping our students, staff and community safe. Please click here to read/review our Driveline page that has helpful graphics and instructions for drivers and walkers. You can also click here to review our Transportation Management Plan.

Thank you,

STEM School Highlands Ranch Communications

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