LynAnn Kovalesky Named Interim Executive Director of STEM School Highlands Ranch

New ED Announcement

Dear STEM School Highlands Ranch Community,

Finding a new Executive Director has been an energizing experience for our entire community and I want to personally thank everyone involved for their support, integrity and professionalism throughout.

After a roughly month-and-a-half-long process, we are finally ready to announce that our new Executive Director of STEM School Highlands Ranch will be LynAnn Kovalesky.

Please help me in congratulating Ms. Kovalesky on taking on this extraordinary task of leading our flagship school as we continue to grow as a Charter Network. I would like to request our entire community to rally around our new ED as she takes on this new role. I have full confidence that she will continue to unite our community, ensure that we are operating at the highest level, and make all efforts to continue STEM’s forward momentum to return to being one of the premier STEM schools in the state and in the country.

Ms. Kovalesky has proven herself that she can accomplish this based on her experience leading our Elementary School over the past three years. She has navigated our youngest learners through some of the toughest times of their early learning with professionalism and enthusiasm. Additionally, she has forged strong relationships among Elementary parents, while stabilizing and rebuilding the staff culture to reduce teacher turnover.

As you were made aware through our previous message announcing the top three candidates, the process had some twists and turns along the way, but throughout, the hiring team operated with the highest standards of integrity.

The decision on who would be the best fit to lead our STEM Spartans and STEMStrongerTogether Community was based on not only quantitative data from all the rounds, but also qualitative data through the feedback surveys.

I want to thank all of the candidates who took part, especially our top finalists. We can be proud at STEM that we have not only had a hand in building great leaders, but also that we have great leaders who are on our team.

I am excited that Mr. Ryan Alsup will continue to lead our High School staff and students as he validated throughout this process why he is such an exceptional leader. With powerhouse leaders as members of our Leadership Team, there is nothing we cannot accomplish together.

As we close out the 2021-22 School Year, Ms. Kovalesky will transition to Interim Executive Director, while slowly starting to onboard alongside me. To ensure a successful transition, Ms. Kovalesky will remain Interim Executive Director through Fall Break of 2022 and then will assume the role of Executive Director full time. Information about the next steps in hiring a new Elementary School Director will be shared in the coming weeks. I will begin my transition to KOSON Schools CEO this summer as we continue our replication efforts within Douglas County School District and Denver Public Schools.

Thank you again,

PJ Eucker, PhD., Executive Director

Interview with New Interim Executive Director

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