LynAnn Kovalesky: Grateful Hearts and Minds in Elementary School

Director's Update

There is always so much happening at STEM.  Students had a fantastic time celebrating Halloween with our traditional parade and STEM Halloween activities. It was great to see all of their excitement and happiness. I’m so happy that we were able to still hold this exciting event in a safe manner to give our students some sense of normalcy. 

November is a month to give thanks for what we have and for the people around us.  Our students created this bulletin board to share what they are thankful for.  We are thankful for our wonderful families and the opportunity to build positive partnerships.  The world and our lives are changing daily, please continue to help us model kindness and grace to our students.

Thankful Bulletin Board

All of K-12 is working together to help provide Thanksgiving Dinners and toiletries for families of a school in DPS, as well as families within our STEM community.  Please help us reach our goal of 25 baskets by donating non-perishable items or $20 King Soopers gift cards. We will be collecting these items at both our Elementary and Middle School Front Offices. Just place your donations into the boxes in the lobbies. Last day to bring an item or donate a gift card is Thursday, Nov. 19 so that we have time to assemble the baskets and get them delivered. 

All school lunches are free for all students throughout the remainder of the year.  Students are able to grab the various lunch items and then check out with the DCSD cafeteria employee.  Due to Covid, students can no longer key in their lunch number.  Therefore, DCSD is currently collecting hot lunch numbers as opposed to individual purchases.  When a student purchases an additional snack item, not covered by the free lunch program, the employee has to ask for each child’s name and enter them individually.  This takes a tremendous amount of additional time and lessens the time students have to eat.  Each grade level currently has 25 minutes to eat. 

In order to ensure all students have ample time to eat the well-balanced free school lunch, we are asking that all students go through the lunch line first for their meal and return for snacks once everyone is seated. 


STEM Spartan Character Values are honesty, integrity, respect, responsibility and empathy are regularly taught in STEM classrooms and various locations on campus.  The staff works hard to acknowledge positive words and actions that demonstrate an understanding of those values. 

When a student has been, “Caught Showing Character Values,”  they receive a golden Spartan Ticket and a sticker. Their ticket is then placed in a monthly drawing to honor Spartans of the Month.   When a student receives 3 Spartan Tickets of the same value, students receive a silicon bracelet, embossed with the name of that trait.  To help us re-emphasize these positive character values, please take the time to ask your child what they did to earn the sticker and/or bracelet and praise them for their positive actions.

Congratulations to this month’s winners: Blake Frick, Harper Doe, Delaney Young, Ty Mousakas, Nina Palatian and Jacob Bixbaum

ES October Spartans of the Month

I am so grateful for this STEM community. I look forward to sharing more about what our Spartans are doing in my next Director’s Update.

As always, we welcome your communication and are grateful for your commitment to your child’s success.  Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns.


Ms. Lynann Kovalesky

Interim Elementary School Director

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