New Graduation Competencies for Juniors and Seniors

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Hello Juniors and Seniors Parents,

This message went out to all rising juniors and seniors on June 3, 2022, but we want to make sure that the information was shared with our families.

We wanted to warn you about a newer graduation requirement in case you haven’t heard of it yet. This information is good to keep on your radar as your student enters their junior and senior years.

It is called “graduation competencies,” and the district implemented it beginning with the 2021-2022 senior class. The state of Colorado wants to ensure your student has the minimum skills in Math and English before graduation so that they are more successful in college and/or the workforce.

There are many ways to show these minimum proficiency skills. A “catch-all” is to take British Lit senior year. The Capstone project in Brit Lit will count for English and Math proficiencies. Additionally, many students will get these proficiencies by getting a C or above in a CE Math and/or English class, passing the minimum scores required on the SAT or ACT, or obtaining a score of a 2 or higher on an AP Math and/or English AP test.

All of the ways a student can obtain the minimum scores required are listed via the button below.

Please have your student talk with their counselor to see if they have met these scores OR what they need to do to get these scores. We highly encourage them not to wait until their second-semester senior year to obtain these scores. We encourage them not to rely on one class or test score the semester before graduating. For example, if they are planning on taking CE ENG 131 second semester senior year, and they do not pass the class, this may put them in danger of not graduating on time.

Please have them reach out to their assigned counselor if they have any questions.

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