Sharing Our Good News (01/07/22)


STEM Alumni Spotlight Interview with Max Strizhenko, class of 2016

Check out this STEM alumni spotlight interview with Max Strizhenko, who graduated from STEM in 2016.  Max talks about how STEM prepared him for the real world, including his time with the U.S. Army.  Max is currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science from Arapahoe Community College with the intention of transferring to Denver University.

Driveline volunteers receive crossing guard training for the new year

We’re working hard to start the new year off prepared. Some of our staff received crossing guard training this week to help students and families access our campus safely during driveline hours. Be on the lookout over the next few weeks as we begin to roll this out. We need your help not just with following our driveline procedures, but also with volunteering to help in our drivelines.


CyberPatriots teams did it again: STATE AWARD WINNERS.

Over 5,200 teams and 19,000 competitors registered for the CP-XIV season.

Congratulations to Sri Abhinav thatavarthi, Rohil Bhat, Nakul Choudhary, Akshaj Dev, and Binuwara Yakandawala for winning 2nd PLACE in the STATE. Congratulations to eight Cyber Patriot teams for qualifying to be the SemiFinalists. Great work teams!

Please join us in congratulating the SemiFinalists :

High School Teams

  • Ankit Mukkamala
  • Mreedul Gupta
  • Lakshmi Ganapaneni
  • Tyler Wright
  • Eknara Dassanayake
  • Shruti Narwaney
  • Ian Boraks
  • Isabelle Mccall
  • Tavin Turner
  • Brinda Malik
  • Sachin Joseph
  • Cameron Long
  • Alex Olkhov
  • Ryan Montgomery
  • Sawyer Curless
  • Junie Lee
  • Caroline Vargish
  • Lucas Pfeifer
  • Emily Urbanek
  • Nicholas Leake-Jara

Middle School Teams

  • Sri Abhinav thatavarthi
  • Nakul Choudhary
  • Binuwara Yakandawala
  • Rohil Bhat
  • Akshaj Dev
  • Geenara Dassanayake
  • Addison McLain
  • Josette Wu
  • Mishika Bhatia
  • Allison Chung
  • Tiernan Murrell
  • Shaylin Young
  • Ronit Kalura
  • Madelyn Murphy
  • Weianna Taylor
  • Jack Heitmann
  • Josh Shick
  • Zachary Braunschweig
  • Artemiy Terekhov

Great work team! Thank you, students, coaches, volunteers and parents for your support and dedication. Looking forward to the Semifinals on Saturday, Jan. 22.

Cyber Patriots Finalists
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