Sharing Our Good News (01/12/24)


A Conversation With Chris Damour, STEM Director of Facilities

STEM Students Receive NASA X-59 Rollout Virtual Watch Party

Watch party!
A lucky group of STEM students received a virtual watch party from NASA of the X-59 rollout. Quesst is NASA’s mission to demonstrate how the X-59 can fly supersonic without generating loud sonic booms and then survey what people hear when it flies overhead. Reaction to the quieter sonic “thumps” will be shared with regulators who will then consider writing new sound-based rules to lift the ban on faster-than-sound flight over land.
Our students loved hearing about the engineering behind the X-59 and how robots helped design the aircraft. Thank you NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration for the watch party and good luck with the X-59!
For more information about Quesst and the X-59:

A Conversation With Brian Chaput, STEM Human Resources Director

STEM CyberPatriot Teams Advance To Semifinal Round

Cyberpatriot award
Add it to the trophy case!
In the last round (state round) of competition, four of our seven CyberPatriot teams advanced to the semifinal round. The four teams and their Colorado state rankings for the last competition are listed below:
Red Rain – #1 Colorado Silver Division
Commanding Coconuts – #2 Colorado Silver Division
GOAT (Greatest of all Time) – #2 Colorado Middle School Division
6 Sages – Top 20 Colorado Middle School Division
Two Platinum Division teams and one Silver Division team from the high school were eliminated after the toughest state round in the program’s history.
The competitions keep getting more intense each round and every year the overall difficulty seems to be a little tougher than before.
Our next competition is Saturday, January 20th. Go Spartans!
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