Sharing Our Good News (03/01/24)


UCCS Gives A Wild Robotics Demonstration At STEM

Wild robots!
Our Secondary robotics classes had the privilege of hosting Dr. Lynanne George, Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at University of Colorado – Colorado Springs, and graduate student Karel Bandrich. The two showed off some amazing and innovative robotics technology!
Our guests talked about robotics research happening at UCCS, which included refueling stations for satellites, robots that help children with autism spectrum disorder and a lunar rover with the purpose of capturing and analyzing samples within the moon’s surface. They also demonstrated several robots they brought, including a coin counting robot, an inverted pendulum, and several different gyroscopes. One special robot, Tony, characterized by 26 degrees of freedom, entertained students by performing pushups, situps and even breakdancing. UCCS

STEM's Samsung Solve For Tomorrow Team Conducts Successful Test of Prototype for National Competition

Successful test!
STEM’s Samsung Solve For Tomorrow team completed a test of their prototype, which is designed to protect drivers and wildlife. The device uses infrared and other technology to alert a driver about wildlife wandering near or on a roadway.
During the test, Daisy, STEM’s therapy dog, acted as the animal on the road. The device was placed on top of a remote control car and directed towards Daisy. The device successfully alerted the driver with a sound that there was an animal up ahead. The driver was able to avoid Daisy with plenty of notice.
There will be further tests of this as the team prepares for the next phase of the national competition. Already, the team has won thousands of dollars in Samsung gear for top placements in previous stages of the competition.
Congrats to team Rubber Duckies for the successful test!

DCSO K-9 Unit Makes A Surprise Visit To STEM

This week, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office K-9 unit visited STEM. K-9’s “Sig”, “Oynx” and their handlers first conducted a search of the Secondary parking lot. Then, the team completed a sweep of the inside of the school.
A special thanks to STEM students and staff for being patient as the K-9 team completed this routine search.
Annual searches like these are conducted by DCSO at every Douglas County High School. Thanks to the K-9 unit for stopping by STEM!

Wish Kid Bella And Her Sisters Stun The Crowd At STEM Wish Week Pep Rally

Your *MUST SEE* video clip of the day.
Our Wish Kid Bella made an INCREDIBLE entrance and exit. Have you ever seen anything like that?? Bella and her sisters clearly have some incredible talents!
During the pep rally, Bella’s mother fought back tears speaking about how difficult the journey has been for the whole family with Bella’s disorder. Bella once had 13 seizures in a single day and multiple ambulance rides in a span of just two months. But, she pointed out that Bella and her whole family smile when they talk about Wish Week and going to Disney World together.
Thank you to everyone for coming together as you always do in times of need. The smiles on their faces say it all.

Guest Readers Share Adventures with STEM Elementary Students for Love of Reading Week

A special thanks to our guest readers for “Love of Reading Week”.

Our elementary students loved hearing all of the stories and some of our guests even included published authors!

One of those authors is our very own LSS teacher Shannon Green, who shared her published book called “Scottie On The Space Station”.   The book is about inclusivity and the primary character is based on the real life story of her brother, who has special needs.  Her brother’s experience served as a big motivation for Shannon to become a special education teacher.

Another author, Jack Maher, is the father of STEM Communications Manager Jeff Maher.  He read part of his published book, “Poppy”, which is about his great-grandfather’s life mission to preserve Native American works for The Denver Art Museum.

Other guest readers included STEM parents and staff.  Thank you to everyone who participated in another wonderful “Love of Reading Week”!

STEM 6th Grader Anirudh Rao Wins Several Awards at Denver Science Fair

More awards!
Congratulations to STEM 6th grader Anirudh Rao for winning the following awards from this past weekend’s Denver Science Fair for his early tornado warning detection syhttps://stem:
– 2nd – Place Junior Best in Fair
– 1st place – Junior Earth and Environmental Science Category Award
– Lemelson Early Inventor Prize from Society of Science
– NASA Earth Syhttps://stem Science Project Award
– Rocket Lab Innovation in Engineering Award – 1st place
– Award for Cool Algorithm
– United States Air Force award for an outstanding engineering project
– National Security Agency 1st place
Anirudh’s creation is called “Revere”, which is a drone with advanced components that is sent up into the skies during inclement weather. The drone is designed to detect tornadoes as they are forming by picking up the sounds they make.
A special thanks to his teacher, Stephanie Hart, for helping him get ready for the fair!
anirudh rao science fair
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