Sharing Our Good News (04/01/22)


STEM community meets the final three candidates for the Executive Director position

Thanks to everyone who came out Friday afternoon to listen to our final three candidates for our new Executive Director. It was an opportunity for the STEM community to meet the three remaining finalists for the position:
Ryan Alsup, LynAnn Kovalesky and Dr. Leanne Weyman.
After each candidate had approximately ten minutes to introduce themselves, members of the audience were given the chance to ask each of them questions about their background and vision for STEM. Then they privately submitted their personal choice for the position, which will be taken into consideration as part of the final selection process.
Look for announcements in the coming days regarding STEM’s Executive Director position.

French class discusses language learning with a class in Ukraine

Madame Lutz’ French 1 class Zoomed with a college class in Ukraine this week. Both groups asked and answered questions about methods and motivations for learning additional languages. The college students loved how comfortable and open the STEM students were in the discussion.
French Class 1 Zooms with Ukraine Students

STEM Fourth Grader Finishes 4th at Colorado Kids Create Art Contest

STEM fourth-grader Krishanika Vijayalakshmim in Mrs. Kristy Smith’s art class finished in fourth-place in the Elementary School Division of the Colorado Kids Create Art Contest.
Krishanika Vijayalakshmim's Art Contest Submission

For your enjoyment, we made a slow-mo video of STEM Secondary Physics Teacher Gavin Rubin getting pie in the face for National Pi Day

The big kids visit STEM's Kindergarten classrooms to talk careers

A visit from the big kids!
Friday, STEM Kindergartners received a special visit from our high school students who talked about engineering and robotics careers. They showed off their creations and how STEM is helping them prepare for those future careers.
It’s always great to see one generation leading the next within our own campus!

STEM Secondary teachers pull April Fools' prank on their students

Aubrey White is teaching Physics and Gavin Rubin is doing Social Studies? What’s going on here?!
April Fools’!
The two STEM Secondary teachers did a switch for the day to prank the students. Who knows, maybe they actually love doing it. Looks like Ms. White is comfortable enough to demo the Jacob’s Ladder high-voltage experiment in Mr. Rubin’s room. That’s sending quite a message!

Crowd packs into STEM Elementary gym to see Kindergarten 'Friendship Concert'

STEM Kindergartners rehearse before 'Friendship Concert'

Getting the nerves out before the performance!
The STEM Kindergarten classes will be presented a friendship concert this week in the Elementary Gym. The Kindergarten classes recited poems and sang songs about friendship. Prior to the concert, the student performers took part in a rehearsal to get the nerves out!

Third STEM student this school year awarded "Future Leaders" scholarship from CBS Denver

Wow, *another* STEM student is the recipient of the CBS Denver “Future Leaders” $1,000 scholarship. That’s three already this school year, a first for STEM! This time, CBS Denver gave the award to Jack Armstrong, who has a passion for both racing and aerospace engineering and racing. Congratulations to Jack! The other STEM students who received the award this school year are Alex Bostley and Trevor Venable.
Check out the CBS Denver feature below on Jack. This recognition and milestone for STEM is something all of us can be proud of and celebrate!

STEM collaborates with Calhan Middle School for ACEC presentation

Check out this collaboration between STEM and Calhan Middle School. It’s all for “Getting there with ACEC Colorado Foundation” (American Council of Engineering Companies of Colorado Scholarship & Education Foundation).
The Calhan students along with STEM middle school students from gave their presentations on the following problem: “How do we build the infrastructure to support self- driving cars that serve the diverse needs of rural and urban communities?”
The students gave some very creative presentations in Mrs. Basu’s room and might even have a chance to eventually present their ideas to the Governor!

STEM 6th graders impress 2018 STEM alumni with green energy PBL unit

One of our 2018 alumni, Cyra Gallano, stopped by STEM recently visit with 6th graders who are working on a PBL unit where they are looking at developing realistic clean energy solutions for a 2050 world. Cyra was blown away by what the students already know and was happy to lend her expertise to them about the clean energy technology being developed now in the real world.
This project is is a collaboration between STEM and GE Renewable Energy. It’s always great to hear from our alumni about how life is going for them and how STEM helped prepare them for the next chapter.

A classroom surprise for STEM student Shivam Koul

A surprise in the classroom Monday for STEM student Shivam Koul, who was informed by Deputy Uribe, Mr. Alsup and Dr. Eucker that he is the recipient of the 2022 Douglas County Outstanding Youth Award. The Youth Award is to recognize Douglas County youths between the ages of 13 and 19 who have overcome adversity and made a positive impact in their own lives and community.
Congratulations Shivam!

STEM's P-TECH building logo unveiling ceremony

We utilize our student’s creativity and innovation at every turn. That’s why, when it came time to design the logo for our brand new P-TECH building, we put it out to STEM students to take on that task.
Congratulations to sophomore Kyler Johnson for designing our official selection! Friday morning we had the unveiling ceremony and the building should be finished within weeks.

The meaning behind the blue beard

What a nice blue beard! No, Mr. Shallenberger didn’t lose a bet. Quite the opposite! He did this to celebrate the fact that STEM exceeded its Wish Week goal for our Make-A-Wish recipient Samuel.
The final amount is still being tallied, but we can be certain that Samuel will be getting his wish of visiting Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary!
Shallenberger says he’s going to return to the normal beard this weekend, but we think this would be a great permanent look!
Mike Shallenberger with a blue beard

Teacher vs. student engineering challenge prior to STEM Fest 2022

Guess what kicked off STEM Fest 2022? A teacher vs. student challenge called the “Ball Run Fluor Challenge”.
Using simple items like paper, rubber bands, cups and pencils, participants were tasked with building a contraption on a piece of cardboard that would support a structure to run a ping-pong sized ball through.
The team that built the contraption that moved the ball for the *longest* amount of time before stopping was declared the winner. We had a group of students who won the contest by moving the ball for close to 8 seconds!

SteMed Club visits "Leonardo Ro Vinci" Da Vinci surgical robot at UC Healthy

Last semester, UC Health asked the SteMed medical club to name their DaVinci syhttps://stem surgical robot. Students chose the name “Leonardo Ro Vinci”. Club leaders were invited to come to see the robot in person and learn more about how it works and about being a surgical nurse or doctor.

A big turnout for STEM Fest 2022

An excellent turnout for STEM Fest 2022!
Thursday night, hundreds of STEM guests took advantage of the open house and experienced all things STEM from all grade levels. It was an opportunity for STEM to show off what we are all about including our latest and greatest PBL units going on the classroom, a celebration of innovation, diversity, cultural influence, student achievement and so much more.
Student representatives of STEM athletics and clubs showcased their stuff and there was even a crepe-making station! Our PTO was there along with STEM board members and there was plenty of student art on display as well.
Thanks to everyone for all of your hard work for a successful launch of STEM Fest!
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