Sharing Our Good News (04/15/22)


STEM 5th grader publishes children's book on Amazon

STEM 5th grade virtual student, Ashmi Sengupta, spent one year writing and illustrating her first published book, ‘Rita and the Range’.  Her parents worked with various publishing companies and Amazon and Kindle picked it up.
She will be coming to STEM next week to share the process with the kindergarten and 5th grade classes.
Here is the description of the book from Amazon:

“12 year old Rita, lives in a world of her own. A rebel by nature, headstrong, ambitious and adventurous, angry on her loved ones, she heads out to face the world of her own. Looking for respite, in search for answers and armed with willpower she realizes that the world is not what it seems!

Incredible monsters, unexplained people , vanishing vehicles and a long lost magical land from long forgotten dreams….Rita’s thin line between fact and fantasy begins to blur, her sense of time is lost.

Will she make it? What realization awaits Rita? This roller coaster ride will keep readers guessing till the end.”

Congratulations to Ashmi!

STEM Cart of Happiness makes its rounds on Friday

STEM 8th grader goes viral for spreading cheer to sick neighbor

Another STEM student in the news! Check out this feature from Channel 7 about STEM 8th grader Aiden Palmer who is part of the Colorado Youth Pipe Band. After hearing that one of his neighbors, Nancy Holwell, was suffering from chronic pain following a medical procedure, Aiden and his bandmates put on a special performance for her.
Holwell shared a video of the performance on social media and it went viral, capturing media attention. Channel 7 followed up on the story with Holwell and Palmer about the performance. Check it out!
What an outstanding example of one of our STEM Spartans showing compassion and care for others outside of the school and in his own community.
Here is a link to the article and original story from Channel 7:

The latest art creations from STEM students

STEM makes a visit to Darshana exhibit

Dr. Eucker, Ms. Kovalesky and Mrs. McElroy joined Aurora Mayor Mike Kaufman today at the “Darshana- A Glimpse into the Hindu Civilization” exhibition, which was organized by HSS (Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh) USA, a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt charitable organization. HSS promotes character building, leadership, and a spirit of selfless service through its programs. Currently, HSS operates nearly 250 branches nationwide in 34 states.
This exhibition was a good opportunity to deepen awareness of Hindu culture and contributions to society, creating an environment of coexistence while pursuing Universal Oneness. The exhibition provided a glimpses into Hindu Dharma, a way of life, and Hindu civilization, including traditions, culture, contributions, and fun facts.

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