Sharing Our Good News (04/21/23)


A must see clip of STEM students marching around campus in preparation for Revolutionary War Re-enactment

STEM students strike a pose at prom photo booth

Who doesn’t love a photo booth — especially one set up for STEM’s 2023 Prom?! Here are just some of the photo montages. Our students had a wonderful time!

STEM First Graders learn business basics at Market Day

Learning to earn!
Market Day at STEM was packed with customers, filled with innovative products and our first grade business owners stayed busy with customer service, promotions and exchanging their play money.
Market Day allows for our students to learn the 101’s of business and they sure have a lot of fun doing it! Thank you to all of our hard working staff for the prep work that went into making this another successful event. To our parent-customers: What did you buy at Market Day? We would love to hear about it!

STEM students shine at Battlebots State Competition

Check out this update from Mr. Reinkensmeyer:
“On Saturday 4/15, four STEM HS Robotics Teams competed all day in the National Robotics League’s Battlebots State competition at the Cherry Creek School District Innovation Campus. I brought three teams (Naruto, VCRP, and Rubber Mallet) and Lauchlin brought one team (Harold).
Out of the 15 teams competing in the Battlebot’s competition, all of the STEM teams finished in the top 6. Team Harold (6th), Team Rubber Mallet (5th), Team VCRP (3rd) and Team Naruto (2nd).
Additionally, a second competition combined each teams’ interview and presentation scores, with their documentation, and how they did in the actual battle tournament. Team Naruto placed 2nd, earning the Champion trophy.
The teams were from our Advanced HS Robotics classes.
In my Robotics II class, students formed companies, researched the battlebot challenge, and broke their companies into various teams and jobs.
We also partnered with a local machine shop – Focus on Machining. The CEO came to talk to us about the challenge and three of our teams submitted CAD designs for shells for his company to machine.
Additionally, we took a field trip to his shop that the students thoroughly enjoyed and asked questions for a half an hour after the tour.
The students worked together to build the electronic “guts” of each robot, and then added the shell. Additionally, the project was documented.
There was a lot of pivoting going on, as teams didn’t communicate well with the machine shop or their original CAD designs didn’t work out.
They learned all about collaboration, teamwork, grit, responsibility, and communication. “
robotics team

A look at some exciting future destinations for STEM 2023 graduates

class of 2023

The Mental Health Resources at STEM

At STEM, we prioritize the mental health of our students and staff each day. We have various resources available at all times and professionals who intervene to provide assistance to anyone who is in need.
Check out this update from Dr. Jistine Harrison, STEM’s Director of Student Support, who talks about the mental health resources that STEM provides and some of the new initiatives that STEM and the Center for Strength are focused on this year.

DCSD Superintendent Erin Kane visits STEM to talk funding

Erin Kane visits STEM
DCSD Superintendent Erin Kane stopped by at STEM to talk about school district funding, staff retention and community needs. Most of the audience included STEM staff and employees from two other charter schools, Ben Franklin and Platte River Academy.
Superintendent Kane also talked about the projected growth areas of Douglas County, funding differences between charters and neighborhood schools and future issues to be addressed by DCSD’s Board.
It was also a chance for DCSD administrators to see our new gym and renovated building!
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