Sharing Our Good News (04/23/21)


STEM Educator and Student Pick up Outstanding Awards

Congratulations to Dr. Jennifer Campbell-Smith on being named STEM’s Outstanding Colorado High School Educator Award via the University of Colorado. Additionally, congratulations to Isabelle McCall on being named Outstanding Colorado High School Student.


CyberPatriot CP-XIII Gold/Silver Tier State Round- 2nd Place!Congratulations to STEM students

Congratulations to students and their coaches (Ms. Basu and Mr. Ryan) on the team’s placement in the CyberPatriot CP-XIII Gold/Silver Tier State Round- 2nd Place!

Students Names are:

  • Kai Kingman (Grade 10)
  • Luke Laudeman (Grade 10)
  • Christopher Switzer (Grade 9)
  • Connor Calme (Grade 10)

Way to go Spartans!

CyberPatriot Certificate

STEMmy the Puppet Makes Surprise Appearance

Jacobs Innovation Challenge

STEM Senior Connor Railsback awarded Daniels Scholarship

STEM School Highlands Ranch celebrates 'STEM Happiness Hour' 2021

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