Sharing Our Good News (04/29/22)


Silly string battle erupts outside of STEM Elementary School

Absolute pandemonium outside of STEM Elementary School! Where is a deputy or school security when you need one?!
Oh, there they are….right in the middle of it!
STEM 1st grade classes held an epic silly string battle to celebrate the letter ‘S’. The students have been counting down A-Z backwards to celebrate the remaining days left in the school year. There are 19 days left until Summer and today is letter ‘S’!
NOBODY left here without being covered in trails of silly string (which was all promptly cleaned up) and even Deputy Gabe couldn’t outrun the attackers. The kids seemed to especially enjoy targeting the staff, including the cameraman!
Don’t you wish you could do this at your office?

STEM showcases the best of TAB (Teaching Artistic Behavior) instructional model

Having a creative mind, there’s nothing worse than being assigned specific parameters and rules in designing a concept. It happens in the professional world, but it starts in school.
It’s great to know that STEM is one of those schools that embraces TAB (Teaching Artistic Behavior) in its art classes. It teaches the CDE art standards and various artist/studio skills that allow for student voice and choice.
Check out what happens day to day in STEM’s art room where there are no artistic limitations. It’s so important to always allow for creative and thought provoking expressions to flow freely. Both the TAB and PBL models allow for STEM students to truly let their imaginations and creations run wild.

Student Advisory Committee goes over survey results with the STEM Administration Team

The Student Advisory Committee met with some of our STEM Administration Team for the Secondary Student Information Session/Forum to go over the student survey results.
The Student Advisory Committee provided the data and also action items for the team to consider for implementation.
We have such amazing #STEMSpartan Student leaders that are helping us build from within, a better STEM School Highlands Ranch. We should all thank them for their time, commitment and dedication!
#STEMStrongerTogether we can do anything!

Helen Starr tells her mother's story at STEM's Holocaust Museum Assembly

Our special thanks to Helen Starr once again taking part in STEM’s Holocaust Museum Assembly. Helen’s late mother Fanny Starr was a Holocaust survivor who lost her mother, father, two siblings and extended family to the atrocities of the Nazis during World War II.
Fanny passed away in 2020 and Helen is ensuring that Fanny’s life and memory stay alive, but also her personal story of survival in concentration camps, in hopes that history doesn’t repeat itself.
Thanks to all of STEM’s teachers who assisted with the Assembly including Simi Basu and Kathy Dwyer. Also on display in the gym was art designed by STEM students who put their vision and feelings to paper after studying about the Holocaust and World War II.
So much of the art is bright and colorful – a subliminal message of sorts from STEM students about light shining in darkness.

STEM students take top awards at DCSD virtual art show

Great news! Two STEM students won awards for their creations as part of DCSD’s virtual art show. Seniors Emily Huskins and Rongbin Yuam each won 3rd place awards in the High School Drawing and Printmaking and High School Computer Art/Design categories. Congratulations to both of you!
Their art along with other winners will be on display this Friday at Park Meadows Mall in front of Dillards from April 29th-May 15th.

Creativity on full display in STEM's Secondary ceramics class

Check out this amazing ceramics art from some of the students in Mr. Smith’s class.  Very impressive!

STEM Staff work up a sweat in after-hours Zumba class

STEM staff zumba class
One of the many things that make our team so amazing is how they want to come together to make our school a better place.
Big Shout-Out to 4th grade teacher Jane McKinney for starting a staff Zumba class after school. This was their first class last week and they look like they had fun!
(As we head into Teacher Appreciation Week next week, consider dropping a note/email to your student’s teacher(s). Together we can do so much!)

STEMShares begins on May 2nd

We are just days away from the start of our annual STEMShares event. Now is a good time to start planning for how you would like to participate.
STEMShares is an opportunity to give back to the community by doing Acts of Kindness, Acts of Service and Acts of Donation during the week of May 2nd-May 7th.
Be sure to visit the STEMShares webpage at the link below to gather some ideas and to see a list of organizations that you could dedicate your act to.
For those participating, we would love to see photos or videos of your act, so we ask that you share that on social media using the #STEMShares hashtag in order for us to gather a collection to show to our own community.
If you have any questions about STEMShares, email Ashley Westfall: ashley.westfall@
Thank you for your participation in STEMShares 2022.

Lockheed Martin prepares for STEM student Summer Internships

We had a chance to chat with Brandon Adams with Lockheed Martin Space about their internship program. Brandon is the Nebula Intern Program Manager. For high school students, a paid Summer internship at Lockheed is an amazing opportunity that allows them to do some incredible things in a thriving and competitive field.
Last year, we talked with a group of STEM students who designed an augmented reality based app for Lockheed. Who knows what this Summer will bring! Thank you Brandon for sharing the details of the program and what STEM students have to look forward to.
For more information about STEM’s internship opportunities, contact Dr. Gregg Cannady: gregg.cannady@

STEM students attend ACEC Colorado Conference

STEM Students from 8th grade had the opportunity to attend the ACEC Colorado Conference on Tuesday, April 26th. STEM student Arshia Koul said, “Going to the ACEC event was an experience that I will treasure for a long time. It allowed me to meet with many people who worked in engineering fields and allowed me to foster relationships with my classmates. I was able to talk about my interest in environmental engineering with real environmental engineers! Overall, I think that it was a positive experience for everybody who attended and I would recommend it for anybody looking to learn about the engineering industry.”

Thank you to all the mentors from ACEC who helped us to create our final pitches and thank you so much to Mrs. Basu and Dr. Cannady who made this happen with their collaborations, technical skills and support.

STEM students attend ACEC conference
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