Sharing Our Good News (05/05/23)


World knowledge tested at STEM's Geography Bee

geography bee
Do you know your geography?
Congratulations to STEM 8th grader Aidric Peterson and 6th grader Hayden Gotto for finishing at the top of the field for the Geography Spelling Bee! Peterson walked away as champion and Gotto as runner-up.
Here were the three Championship Round questions:
1. St. Louis is nicknamed “The Gateway to the West” and famously served as the departure city for Lewis & Clark’s expedition in 1804, reaching the Pacific Ocean the next year. St. Louis became a large city in America’s Old West because of its strategic location at the confluence of two major American rivers. Name both rivers.
2. The European Union, or EU, administers from several different cities. Its Court of Justice is located in Luxembourg City, the Parliament meets in Strasbourg near the German border, and the central bank is in Frankfurt-am-Main, but the informal capital of the EU is found in what city, also known for being the international headquarters of NATO?
3. Strangely enough, the largest city in Africa is not a national capital. Expanded by the British Empire in the 1800s, its home country moved their capital to Abuja in 1991. Its metro area is estimated to contain around 30 million inhabitants. Name this city.
The answers:
1) Missouri and Mississippi
2) Brussels
3) Lago
Great job to all of the competitors. This is knowledge that will pay off!

Outpouring of generosity for Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week

We appreciate you!
As we celebrate teacher and staff appreciation week, we recognize all of the hard working STEM staff who dedicate so much of their lives to educating and assisting our students.
A special thanks to our PTO and all of those who donated to allow for such a nice showcasing of support and generosity.

Video highlights from STEM Theatre's "Little Mermaid Jr."

STEM Seniors get payback after staff prank about Saturday school

Nice one!  STEM Seniors were sure to get some payback after getting pranked recently by STEM staff about going to school on Saturdays due to a scheduling mistake.  Their form of payback came by putting several school items out of order, even placing them outside.  They were hard at work one particular week night to make all of this happen and they were just as hard at work to clean it all up!  Way to go class of 2023.  Your prank was creative and hilarious!

STEM Senior Honor Walk

STEM Community pitches in for designing chalk art for Seniors

Here’s a look at just some of the inspiring messages created by our community as part of our Senior Honor Walk. Our class of 2023 students greatly appreciated seeing this chalk art congratulating them on their big accomplishment of graduating high school. Thank you to everyone who took part!

STEM Senior Kai Kingman talks about future college plans in Dublin, Ireland

STEM Senior Kai Kingman has an international journey ahead! Next school year he will be attending Trinity College Dublin. He took interest in their program because of what they offer in the fields of computer science and linguistics. He’s also interested in coding and artificial intelligence. Check out this extended interview where Kai talks about his STEM experience and future plans. Best of luck to you Kai!

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