Sharing Our Good News (05/06/22)


STEM students will soon be able to receive Snap-on multimeter certification

Friday afternoon in Mr. Shallenberger’s engineering class, STEM Secondary students had the exciting task of unpacking a new Snap-on tool kit which will allow for STEM students to receive a Snap-on multimeter certification.

STEM's big moment at Coors Field

Here was STEM’s shining moment at Coors Field.  This is when STEM’s First Pitch team was brought out to the mound with their robot to throw out the first pitch of the Rockies vs. Nationals game.  Dinger was a little bit too far back behind home plate, otherwise he would have caught the perfect strike without any trouble.  What a throw from the robot and what an epic moment in STEM’s history and Colorado history!

Photo gallery of STEM making history at Coors Field

STEM’s First Pitch and Egg Drop teams had an incredible time at Coors Field on May 5th for Rockies STEM Day.  The event was a huge success for STEM and provided for one of the greatest and most shining moments in the school’s history when the First Pitch team was picked to make history.  The students won a competition against Mountain Vista High School for who built the best robot to toss out a historic first pitch at Coors Field.

Classroom science guru and entertainer Steve Spangler was the host of the event at the field and showed off numerous explosive experiments for the audience.

The STEM design looked just like the Rockies mascot, Dinger, and used a catapult mechanism to throw the ball to the catcher.  When it came time for the first pitch, the robot threw a perfect strike right over home plate!  Never before in Rockies history has a non-human thrown a first pitch, until now!

STEM’s Egg Drop team also had a shining moment when they were able to compete in a competition of dropping an egg using a drone from over 100 feet in the air.  They built a solid contraption to protect the egg, but in the end it cracked upon impact.  It was still a big crowd pleaser moment.  Look for a video of that soon!

Congratulations to the STEM Spartans and Staff who helped make history at Coors Field.  What a day!

STEM’s First Pitch team:  Brent Weiffenbach (Team Captain), Gabe Paladino, Donald Paladino, Tyler Paulter, Joe DiGrappa, Ian Boraks, Anthony Sagrati, Micah Thomas, Maya Fitzgibbons and Aiden Frey.

STEM’s Egg Drop team: Mishika Bhatia (Team Captain), Asmi Patil, Rohil Bhat, Sen Yakandawala and Daniel Blackburn.

STEM Senior Honor Walk for the Class of 2022

Friday morning we held our annual Senior Honor Walk outside of the school. It is a unique way to celebrate the graduating class of 2022. It is significant to see this especially at a K-12, where graduating seniors were not only honored, but for many of them who have been at STEM for years, it was like walking through their past and seeing the smiling faces of those who helped bring them to this transition in their journey.
Congratulations to STEM’s Class of 2022. Your accomplishments are celebrated and recognized. Your future is limitless. You have made our entire community proud and we can’t wait to see what lies ahead for you.
Thank you to all of the hard-working STEM staff, parents and volunteers who helped our seniors arrive at this moment. Go Spartans!
*Please note: We have seniors who take off-campus classes who were not able to take part. We want to recognize and honor their accomplishments as well!
Zoo rainy day

STEM 1st graders and staff brave the rainy weather for field trip to Denver Zoo

A rainy day at The Denver Zoo for STEM’s 1st grade field trip, but still plenty of smiles to go around! Many of the animals seemed to love the cool weather and getting a little soak!

Jeda Welle

STEM student Jeda Welle sets the bar for Track and Field

Congrats to our very first Track All-Conference recipient Jeda Welle! What a great accomplishment and season.

Maura Ridder featured in The Castle Pines Connection

Did you happen to catch our own Maura Ridder being featured in The Castle Pines Connection?  The article talks about her educational background and her passion for theatre and performing.  Congratulations Maura!  Here is the link to the article:

Greatest Joy

Maura Ridder on stage

STEM PTO surprises STEM staff and teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week

Thanks to STEM’s PTO for all of their hard work in thanking our hard working teachers and staff for Teacher Appreciation Week. Look at the beautiful classroom doors that were decorated in addition to the surprise breakfast in the lounges. We are lucky to have both an amazing PTO and our teachers at STEM!

Music compilation of STEM's Secondary Music Concert

STEM’s Secondary Music Concert was a big hit! Check out this compilation video of some of the performances. Thank you to Mr. Gomez for putting on an amazing show and all of the talented musicians who made it happen!

STEM students create behind the scenes video about First Pitch robot design for Colorado Rockies

Want to know how STEM’s First Pitch robot design team made history happen?  Well, it started several weeks ago with our talented students coming up with a concept for a robot that could throw out the first pitch at a major league game.  The road to getting there wasn’t easy and there were plenty of obstacles.  Check out this student created video presentation that shows the behind the scenes action of robot design for Colorado Rockies history!

Students Place 3rd in CodeQuest Competition

Congratulations to STEM School Highlands Ranch Team “Fellowship of the String” for placing 3rd in the 2022 Lockheed Martin CodeQuest Competition! We are so proud of Tavin, Aragorn, and Tejas!

STEM student and staff selfie challenge for Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week

Selfie alert! As part of this week’s Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week, our Interim Executive Director, LynAnn Kovalesky, put out a challenge to our students: to take a selfie with a STEM staff member and share it.
Well, there is no shortage of submissions!
Another challenge for students earlier in the week was to tally up how many high fives, fist bumps and elbows they could get with STEM staff members. What fun activities!
Thanks to all of the STEM students and staff who took part in this week’s challenges.

STEM 2nd grade classes design baking kits for the needy as part of STEMShares

What an impressive act of service from STEM’s 2nd grade classes.
Each year for STEMShares, they work on a community service project that they put together while in class. This year, the kids picked the task of putting together celebration and birthday cake kits for students and families in need. The kits would include everything needed to bake a cake with directions included and everything is in the pan to bake it in (no eggs needed).
They will be donating these kits to the Backpack Society Organization. This group works to provide students with weekend meal kits and weekly groceries for students and families in need.
They are also a local organization that our school is partnered with.
Great job everybody! It always feels good to help the less fortunate while also taking part in our STEMShares event.

STEM Secondary students get a history lesson about steam powered engines

Learning from the past can tell us a lot about the future!  Check out this moment in Mr. Shallenberger’s engineering class this week where students had a chance to experiment with a miniature steam engine.  It is a simple lesson about heat creating energy and it is also a look back in time when most of the country was steam powered.

STEM Secondary Yearbook Promo

Check out this STEM student created video reminding everyone to buy a yearbook.  That’s some impressive editing and photography!

STEM Secondary Yearbook Promo (continued...)

Check out the next part of the student created video promotion about STEM’s 2022 yearbook. The students continue searching for that evasive yearbook all throughout the school. Will they ever find it? Will they get their yearbook on time? Watch the clip to see and to get more information about how you can order your yearbook!

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