Sharing Our Good News (05/19/23)


STEM staff members smash plates to welcome in the new school year

plate smash
plate smash
Smashing plates!
Some STEM staff members gathered by the trash dumpster to take part in an end of the year Greek tradition plate smashing event. On the front side of the plates, they wrote down a list of things to look forward to for next school year. On the back, they added a list of things to let go of. Fortunately, for everyone who made lists, the front was much longer than the back!

STEM 8th graders look to solve Internet access problem

Internet solutions PBL unit.
STEM 8th graders investigated the problem “not everyone has access to the internet”. Students applied their knowledge of waves and energy to develop innovative ways to increase worldwide access to the internet. Their ideas ranged from designing new technologies to transmit and receive waves, to deploying vans or repurposing existing infrastructure to bring WIFI to rural areas, to classifying internet access as a human right (based on the 14th amendment and the right to equal educational opportunity).
internet solutions PBL unit

Highlights from STEM 2023 Graduation Ceremony

Gitanjali Rao shares thoughts on graduating STEM and heading to MIT

Photo gallery from STEM's 2023 Graduation Ceremony

A top finish for STEM's E-Sports team in national tournament

Esports results

Congratulations to STEM’s E-Sports Team for a top placement in the League of Legends National Competition! The 2023 high school E-Sports season has come to an end, with teams across North America wrapping up the Spring’s competitive gaming matchups in the championship rounds on the PlayVS platform. We’re so proud of our E-Sports team and we look forward to the evolution and growth of E-sports and game design at STEM.

Douglas County Sheriff's Office thanks STEM students for Chalk Art Event

Here is the social media post from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office:
To quote the great Sally Field, in her 1985 Oscar acceptance speech, “You like me, you really like me.” This is how we feel about the #STEM kind of day we had today.
Our substation in Highlands Ranch was visited twice today by students from STEM School Highlands Ranch. This morning they stopped by to deliver goody bags to show their appreciation for what our #DCSO first responders did four years ago. Many of the kids were there that day.
Then this afternoon, they took it one step further and showed their appreciation through art. Chalk art, that is. We lucked out, and the rain stopped just in time. We felt the love for sure!
We appreciate our #STEM family and will continue to protect and serve all those that go there; students, staff, and visitors. #HonorServiceValor

STEM Kindergarteners take on Glow Games challenges

Let the glow games begin! STEM Kindergarteners went lights out for this unique lesson where they were able to learn in the dark using glow in the dark markers, glow sticks and more. This was an exciting event that our kindies were greatly looking forward to for quite some time. Thank you to our parent volunteers who came in to help.

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