Sharing Our Good News (05/26/23)


STEM 6th graders tackle 'saving the oceans' in PBL unit that includes STEMtalks presentations

Before we wrap up the week and head into Summer, we wanted to share with you this PBL unit from STEM 6th graders. They were given the monumental task of coming up with ideas to save the world’s oceans and preserve the largest ecosy on the planet.
This was a PBL unit that lasted for weeks, with the students working in teams to come up with solutions. Be sure to click the “our solutions” tab on the webpage to see their STEMtalks themed presentation. Great work everyone!

STEM honors the volunteers who help make the school year happen

We couldn’t do what we do at STEM everyday without the in-person and monetary support from our community. Tonight we held our first volunteer appreciation happy hour in many years to say thank you to all those who met and exceeded their volunteer hours for the school year.
In addition to enjoying delicious appetizers, soft drinks and churros, we honored our volunteers with Certificates of Recognition and some thank you gifts.

STEM celebrates being honored with the John Irwin School of Excellence Award

Another nice way to close out the school year is a photo shoot with our John Irwin School of Excellence Award.
The John Irwin awards are given to schools that demonstrate exceptional academic achievement over time. These schools received an Exceeds Expectations rating on the Academic Achievement indicator of the School Performance Frameworks reflecting exceptional performance in Math, English Language Arts, and Science.
The Excellence Awards are named for a true friend and visionary of education, former Colorado State Representative, John J. Irwin.
More information about the award can be found here:

STEM Middle School students welcomed to high school at picnic

Welcome to High School!
It’s time for these STEM students to make that transition from Middle School to High School. They were welcomed with open arms at Central Park with a huge picnic that included outdoor games and challenges. The weather really cooperated with us with a nice and sunny day for a wonderful last day of school. What a perfect way to wrap it up and welcome in our future high schoolers.

STEM High School students honored at ceremony

Honoring STEM High School students! We had a nice crowd in attendance for our High School Awards ceremony. Students were recognized for academics, character, sports and enrichment. Thanks to everyone who took part and congratulations to the winners!

STEM students play jumbo volleyball

STEM Middle School students celebrate end of the year with indoor field day

Closing out the year!
Due to weather changes, our Middle School Field Day was moved indoors, but thankfully now we have plenty of space to handle those changes. Students played games and took part in challenges in the Elementary and Secondary Gyms and in the Middle School Commons, students and staff indulged with ice cream and signing yearbooks.

Weather holds for Elementary Assembly

elementary assembly

The weather held for our Elementary Assembly. Students played games outside and were given special recognition by staff for accomplishments this year. Our Elementary students are excited to close out classes and start their Summer adventures!

Kindergarten parents celebrated with pancake breakfast

Pancake breakfast!
Our Kindergarten teachers celebrated the parents by offering up pancakes and fruit in the classrooms. We love our supportive parents and volunteers. This was a nice way to thank them for all of their hard work and collaboration this school year. Delicious!

STEM Middle School students recognized at awards night

It was an evening of awards for our Middle Schoolers. Thank you to everyone who attended our first Middle School Awards Night. A new tradition that we will hold twice a year to recognize our students for their academic achievements.

STEM 2nd graders use PBL unit to raise funds for Dumb Friends League

Check presentation!
STEM 2nd graders were thrilled to present a $300 check to Dumb Friends League to help with adoption services. Leading up to this moment, the students tackled a PBL unit all about the organization and what they do for animals.
Along the way, they learned that fundraising and donations are always needed to keep DFL going. The students decided that the best way to assist the group was to raise money on their own. They did that by selling dog treats. During the PBL unit, the students also learned about the inner workings of DFL and just how many animals they rescue each year.
Great job to our 2nd grade class! What a nice assignment to close out the school year.

STEM 2023 Graduates stand out in total scholarship earnings

scholarship numbers

Wow, look at those numbers! We’re so proud of our 2023 class. At STEM, we take great pride in creating the best learning environment possible in order to create results like you are seeing here. Part of our mission is to give each of our students a clear path to success after high school and that includes scholarship opportunities. Congrats to all of our graduates and their success!

STEM Sustainability Garden Is Now Growing

Our Food Sustainability Garden is really coming along! It all originated from STEM Kindergarteners tackling a real world problem about food scarcity. The students helped with the concept, design and planting of the seeds. We look forward to seeing this garden develop in the years ahead as future classes will pitch in and collaborate to help it grow and evolve.

STEM Kindies get ready for 1st grade with Kindergarten Continuation Ceremony

Thanks to everyone who came out tonight to watch our Kindergarten Continuation Ceremony. Our students are so excited for 1st grade! They were equally thrilled to have some of our STEM Seniors escort them across the stage.

STEM Staff Slideshow and Tributes for 2022-2023 school year

STEM Staff Appreciation Breakfast brings awards, tears and recognition

We appreciate you!
A lot of awards were handed out at our STEM Staff Appreciation Breakfast. They included years of service awards, individual awards and recognition of those who are retiring. Our retirees include Dr. Karen Johnson, AnnMarie Murrillo and Jeff Reinkensmeyer.
Congratulations to Karen, AnnMarie and Jeff for all of their dedicated years of service in education. They have certainly earned their relaxation time as they look at the next chapter.
STEM Directors also led the group in trivia and handed out awards for correct answers. We will miss seeing everyone’s faces this Summer, but we also know it won’t be long before we start the 2023-2024 school year. Thank you to all STEM staff for your hard work and dedication.

Dr. Karen Johnson and Jeff Reinkensmeyer share thoughts on retirement

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