Sharing Our Good News (08/12/22)


Some tears, but also many smiles for Kindergartners first day of school

Grab your tissues! Friday morning we held our ’tissue and tears’ event in front of the Elementary School. It is the first day of school for our Kindergartners. It’s never easy to make the jump to a big school on day 1, but any sadness outside of the entrance was quickly replaced with excitement and new friendships once they went inside and started meeting teachers and fellow classmates. For these brave Kindergartners, their STEM journey has just begun!

Classes are in session in new P-TECH building

P-TECH in the new building is in session! This print labeling class is among the first groups of classes to start the 2022-2023 school year in our new P-TECH building, located just South of the main campus.
P-TECH is a pathways program that partners with Panther Industries and Arapahoe Community College, helping create opportunities for students as they pursue both their college courses and chosen fields.
We can’t wait to see the exciting innovation that will come out of this building!


New drone footage captures construction and campus improvements at STEM

Check out this awesome drone footage showing the new paint job to the building, new landscaping, middle school classrooms and ongoing construction.  Our campus is getting an entirely new look and some huge upgrades!

Highlights from the first day of school

Another first day of school is in the books! Here are just some of the sights and sounds from today. Words can’t describe just how happy our staff was to see everyone back again.
Students had to learn some of the new ways of navigating the hallways with the ongoing construction of the Building Renovation project, but most caught on quickly. It wasn’t long before our Spartans of all grade levels were in their seats and starting to innovate!
We can’t wait to see what’s ahead for 2022-2023 school year 😁

The meaning behind the 'Ignite The Spark' STEM theme

Ignite the spark! That’s the theme of STEM for the 2022-2023 school year. Check out this video promo to understand more about the theme and how we plan to use it every month.
The spark is what ignites the passion that we all have for STEM. For students, their spark could be the ideas that create the brilliant innovation we see in the classroom year after year. For teachers, their spark could be the ideas they bring to the table for PBL units to come to life and inspire their students. For our parent community, the spark could be seeing the success of their student and perhaps getting involved more in the STEM community.
What’s your spark? 😎

STEM rolls out the red carpet for staff to kick off 2022-2023 school year

STEM students get sneak peek at school during STEM Spartan Launch

Thanks to everyone who stopped by STEM earlier this week for our Spartan Launch! It was a chance for both Secondary and Elementary School families to visit with staff and get acquainted with the campus prior to the first day of school.
Students who participated in Spartan Launch were able to walk through the school, visit with teachers and staff in classrooms and became more familiar with navigating through the building, which is changed temporarily due to construction.
We can’t wait to officially start the 2022-2023 school year!

Blooper reel from STEM administration team's lip-sync music video

All STEM staff attend mandatory safety training

Monday morning all STEM staff took part in our annual safety training session, which was once again led by retired FBI agent Jonny Grusing. Thank you to Mr. Grusing for taking the time to show latest trends, go over safety protocols and answer all of our questions.

FBI training at STEM
FBI training at STEM

First panels of gym roof installed

This week at STEM, construction crews completed the installation of a portion of the gymnasium roof.  The steel section of roofing was added late Wednesday and now workers will be adding the rubber top that goes above the steel.  After that, roofing will be added to connect both buildings.  Additionally, crews are putting the finishing touches on adding a walking corridor for students to easily access both buildings without having to go through the Elementary School entrance.

gym roof installed
gym roof installed

Jeff Maher

Communications Manager at STEM.

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