Sharing Our Good News (08/18/23)


Welcome to STEM: Laura Hoffmann, Special Educational Assistant

STEM Families Tour The Campus and Classrooms For Back To School Nights

Back to School Night!
Thanks to everyone who came out to our first Secondary Back to School Night of the new school year. This was an opportunity for our staff to meet parents face to face and give a personal tour of their student’s day to day schedule. Our school directors kicked off the event with a brief presentation before turning the families loose to go through the school and classrooms. It was so great to see everyone!

STEM 6th Grader Anirudh Rao Explains Invention That Won Him The Paradigm World Challenge

Innovation in the skies!
Check out our one-on-one interview with STEM 6th grader Anirudh Rao, who just won The Paradigm World Challenge grand prize, for “Revere”, a drone gadget he came up with that serves as an early tornado detection system.
As part of the grand prize, Anirudh, who just turned 11 years-old this week, will receive funding for legal fees to start the patent process for “Revere”. Happy Birthday Anirudh!
This innovation is amazing to see for many reasons. One of them, is the fact that Anirudh came up with the “Revere” concept years ago at STEM when a group of guests speakers came to his classroom and gave the students a challenge. This is exactly how STEM’s PBL model works. A problem is presented in the classroom, the students come up with a solution, and in some cases, those solutions end up on the world stage and become patented products that are put to real use.

STEM Middle and High School Students Learn About Clubs, Athletics and Activities During Rush Events

All about the clubs!
We had a great turnout for our high school and middle school club rush events. STEM middle and high School students packed into the middle school commons to learn about the various clubs, athletics and activities to take part in for the new school year.
To learn more about some of these opportunities, be sure to visit STEM’s enrichment and athletics webpages:

Welcome to STEM: Megan Shapiro, Secondary Engineering Teacher

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