Sharing Our Good News (09/08/23)


STEM students get ready for Homecoming Spirit Week

Homecoming pep rally!
Next week is Homecoming Spirit Week and the pep rally to celebrate that included musical chairs, races, tug of war, event announcements and a memorable performance from the powderpuff team.

A conversation with Samson Barrios, STEM 6-12 Dean

STEM students learn the basics of Photoshop

“Photoshop? Yes!!!”
Who better than Kip from Napoleon Dynamite to practice a little Photoshop on? In Mr. Levinson’s class, STEM high school students are learning the various layers and abilities that Photoshop offers.
The idea is to not alter the image too much to where it might change Kip’s character in the movie. Instead, the students are working with tracing effects and slight color and text changes to enhance the image.
A fun fact about Photoshop — it is much older than you think. The original program was actually developed in 1987 and it wasn’t called Photoshop back then. It was called Display and only demonstrated grayscale images on a black and white display. Now, millions of images are “photoshopped” each day.

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