Sharing Our Good News (09/09/22)


Student represents STEM on national level with TSA

Another one of our students is representing STEM on a national level! David Marquez is the first STEM student to become a TSA National Officer. He was elected to the position back in July at the TSA National Conference.
David serves as Sergeant-at-arms for the national team and has a prominent role and placement on TSA’s website. Take a look for yourself:
Dave Marquez with TSA

STEM Building Renovation project makes big jumps

Taking shape! Take a look at these latest photos of STEM’s Building Renovation project. The future CHSAA gym is now fully enclosed with final touches being made to the roof. The corridor between the Secondary and Elementary buildings is also fully enclosed and with a concrete floor. The plumbing has been added to the areas surrounding the gym and soon we will be seeing the weight room start to go up. We can’t wait to see the basketball court floor to be added, which will be one of the last additions of the project. We will continue giving you updates on the construction as the progress moves along!

STEM first graders learn from Secondary students for PBL unit about plants

This week in 1st grade it was all about plants! This was part of a PBL unit where STEM Secondary students came into the classrooms to educate the 1st graders about how plants function and survive.
They will learned about how plants and animals survive naturally (life cycles), making observations and growing tadpoles. They each had sessions from former AP biology students about what is causing plants and animals to not have what they need to survive, or forcing them to adapt: fires, environmental causes, invasive species, habitat loss and weather.
The students will apply their social studies standard of maps and globes to identify locations of species, where they are forced to migrate and conditions of an area that force species to adapt.
Students will analyze adaptations as part of this investigation.
Throughout this investigation, students will work alongside a mentor who studies environmental challenges and the need for city trees. This mentor will advise students in their problem investigation as they transition into learning about adaptations and habitat loss. The mentor will meet with students for four weeks and factor in urban development as a cause for habitat loss.
What a fun PBL unit!

New video profile released of Gitanjali Rao for The Global Student Prize competition

Check out this profile segment that was just released about STEM Senior Gitanjali Rao. Gitanjali is a top 10 finalist for The Global Student Prize. partnered with The Varkey Foundation to launch the annual $100,000 Global Student Prize last year, a sister award to its $1 million Global Teacher Prize. It was established to create a powerful new platform that shines a light on the efforts of extraordinary students everywhere who, together, are reshaping our world for the better. The prize is open to all students who are at least 16 years old and enrolled in an academic institution or training and skills program. Part-time students as well as students enrolled in online courses are also eligible for the prize.
Congratulations Gitanjali and good luck with the competition!
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