Sharing Our Good News (09/30/22)


STEM students and staff help with recruiting efforts

It’s been a busy week for STEM students and staff who have taken part in after hours promotional events for the school.  Thursday evening, students joined Secondary engineering teacher Mike Shallenberger at the Douglas County Foundation Gala.  Outside of the event, attendees learned about how STEM students designed the first robot in Rockies history to deliver a first pitch!

Additionally, members from our FIRST and BEST teams spent time at Macintosh Academy in Littleton where they helped promote STEM and educate students about what we do.

Earlier in the week, STEM students and staff went to American Academy in Parker to showcase what makes us special and we saw a great turnout and a lot of interested families!

STEM third graders learn about natural life cycles of animals

learning life cycles
Studying the life cycles. This week, third graders in Mrs. Jackson’s class took part in lesson that had them studying what happens to animals who never have human interaction and how their natural environment and habitat affects their natural life cycles.
They learned about owls and their unique digestive sy, often times swallowing their prey whole and using their *two stomachs* for the digestive process. Always something new to learn!

STEM AP Biology students tackle fusion and osmosis lab

An interesting fusion and osmosis lab going on today in Mr. Schnacke’s AP Biology class. The students are juggling two different experiments. One has to do with creating their own setups with dialysis tubing and determining the direction of water movement. The other experiment involves colored water solutions that involve glucose. The students are tackling a big problem with that one. There was a “mistake” in the lab where labels were accidentally wiped off, so they are determining the relative order of glucose solution using potatoes. At STEM, where there is a problem, our students find the solution!

STEM Senior Kai Kingman talks about being named National Merit Scholarship semifinalist

STEM Homecoming 2022

STEM Elementary students read books to "Daisy" the therapy dog

More Daisy love! Daisy, STEM’s therapy dog, continues making the rounds through the Elementary School, allowing for students to read books to her. Most of the books are about animals and Daisy is learning a lot! The students are taking turns in groups of three or four to spend time with Daisy and they each get to pick a book to read to her. Students and staff love when Daisy comes by for a visit!

A conversation with Stephanie LeGrand, STEM LSS Assistant

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