Sharing Our Good News (10/01/21)


Student Government Recap of Homecoming Week

STEM Teachers benefit from Professional Development and Coaching

Inside Pamela Martin’s Middle School math class at STEM School Highlands Ranch, solving math problems is not always done on paper.  With some assignments, the students will toss a ball around the room, calling each other by name and openly debating the equation until the correct answer is announced.  The teaching method was developed during a recent professional development and teacher coaching session.  The sessions happen at all grade levels and are designed to introduce teachers to new ideas for their classroom and out-of-the-box thinking.

“We learn a lot in college as teachers and I’ve got my Master’s too and I learned a lot there, ” Martin said.  “But once you walk out of the college doors the learning can stop if you don’t have professional development and coaches.”

Senior College Night

We want to thank everyone who attended our first Senior College Night event of the school year. College and Career Counselor Kelli Myrick presented on everything that our seniors need to know in order to prepare for college applications, applying and what to expect for the rest of this school year.

National Honor Society Inductions

On Thursday, Sept. 23, STEM students were inducted into the National Honor Society. Below are the photos from that event.

NHS Members: Left to right: Soren Rollin, Eric Fiechtner, Tavin Turner, Ankit Mukkamala, John Masulit, Brinda Malik, Ellason Arendale, Mischa Dvoretsky, Lasya Gudur, Sarah Braunschweig, Peyton Richards, Sienna Bendall, Ethan Friend, Sachin Joseph, Liam Beaubien, Mreedul Gupta, Ashton Hudson, Alexander Olkhov, Micah Dew, Tyler Pautler, Nicholas Montero, Ava Mitchell, Sophia Barrette

NHS Seniors: Left to right: Soren Rollin, Eric Fiechtner, Tavin Turner, John Masulit, Ankit Mukkamala, Sarah Braunschweig, Ellason Arendale, Mreedul Gupta, Peyton Richards, Sachin Joseph, Ashton Hudson, Liam Beaubien, Micah Dew, Alexander Olkhov, Tyler Pautler, Nicholas Montero, Ava Mitchell, Sophia Barrette

NHS Juniors: Left to right: Sienna Bendall, Mischa Dvoretsky, Brinda Malik, Lasya Gudur, Ethan Friend

NHS Officers and Sponsor: Left to right: Eric Fiechtner, Ms. White, Tavin Turner, Ankit Mukkamala, Peyton Richards

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