Sharing Our Good News (10/06/23)


A conversation with Lily Williams, STEM Middle School Counselor

STEM PTO Bubble Run raises money for teacher grants

A special thanks to STEM School Highlands Ranch PTO and all of the volunteers who helped put together another epic bubble run event! Our elementary students had a wonderful time participating, which included yard games, exercise, t-shirts, popsicles and more.
The money raised from the event goes to support the STEM PTO fund teacher grants.

STEM PTO Bubble Run 2023

Addressing the dangers of social media and TikTok challenges

Responsible social media practices.
Deputy Gabe led two assembly discussions for both high school and middle school students in the gym to talk about cybersecurity and how to use social media in a positive way. Unfortunately, many of the trends on TikTok encourage youth to replicate stunts on video that are either damaging to themselves, to others or to property. It is important for parents to regularly discuss the dangers of social media with their children and to be on the lookout for trends that could be harmful.
On the flip side, social media can certainly be used for good. It can be used to educate and inspire. Take a look at STEM’s YouTube channel as an example of that, which now includes content made by students focused on trending topics in the STEM fields.
deputy gabe at school

STEM parents surprise staff with Fall themed treats in both lounges

fall food
Fall themed treats!
Thank you to the STEM parents who made this incredibly generous treat donation for STEM staff. The delicious display includes cinnamon and pumpkin flavored treats, fruit and beverages.
What a nice way to welcome October!
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