Sharing Our Good News (10/14/22)


STEM Building Renovation update for October 2022

STEM Elementary students "Bubble Run"

STEM First graders design bear habitats for winter as part of PBL unit

Are you ready for winter? The bears in Alaska are getting ready for it and the students in Ms. Schiffman’s first grade class have been monitoring the bears lately via a live webcam. It’s part of a PBL unit they’ve been working on about what animals need to survive in the wild.
The students have taken it a step further and designed their own habitat environments that they believe the bears would do well in during the harsh winter months.
What will you need for your habitat this year? A warm blanket, fireplace and hot chocolate for starters? 😄

Mural work begins on temporary construction wall of new gym area

Why not add some color? 😄
Mr. Levinson has a creative vision for the temporary construction wall between Elementary and the Middle School. It will be a mural painting project that both STEM students of all grade levels and staff will take part in.
Work on the mural is just now getting started.
We look forward to seeing the end result and thank you to Mr. Levinson for coordinating!

Sunshine and bubbles for STEM Elementary "Bubble Run"

Bubbles, sunshine and fun! Today our Elementary students were treated to “The Bubble Run”, where they started off by stretching outside and then running to the field and finish line where they were greeted by bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles!
The field was full of dancing, games, music, T-shirt decorations, chalk art, spikeball, frisbee, cornhole, treats and more!
The weather was *perfect* for today’s event and a special thank you to our awesome PTO for organizing and all of the parent volunteers who showed up to help the kids and give our hard working teachers a well deserved break from the classroom.

Some unexpected visual art inside new gym under construction

Who knew that a site under construction could also be so artistic?!
This was a “right place at the right time” moment, as the sun was coming through the doors, combining with our new lights in the gym and reflecting off various construction equipment and materials.
We will take it as a good sign of all of the future STEM victories and fun that will take place here in the years to come!

STEM students test their professional skills at DECA Innovation Invitational

The DECA Innovation Invitational! Students looked and acted the part in the professional world. DECA’s role-plays and case studies give students an opportunity to get an idea of what it’s like being responsible for a business and tasked with some challenging scenarios. The students had to present their case studies to judges who scored them on a variety of categories including creativity, communications, problem solving, persuading ability and more!

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