Sharing Our Good News (11/03/23)


A beautiful Dia De Los Muertos display in Secondary Spanish class

A colorful sight!
Check out this amazing display in our Secondary Spanish class as Ms. Berreth and her students celebrated Dia De Los Muertos, also known as ‘Day of the Dead’.
Our visitors for the Prospective Spartan Showcase especially loved visiting Ms. Berreth’s class. Not only did it have this beautiful scene, but students were also making crepes in the classroom for our guests.
That’s one tasty holiday celebration!

STEM staff compete in Halloween costume contest

Costume contest!
STEM staff members didn’t hold back this year with creative Halloween costumes.
The ultimate winner was Mr. Kerwin who called his costume, “Always after me lucky charms”.
Group winning themes include, “Rock, paper, scissors”, “Old school gym teachers”, and “Frozen”.
Thank you to everyone who participated and helped make another memorable Halloween celebration at STEM!
stem staff costume contest

STEM Prospective Spartan Showcase introduction video played for audience in gym

Proud Spartans.

Check out this introduction video that was played for the audience at our Prospective Spartan Showcase event.  This helped kick off the big event, which was then followed with individual presentations from STEM administrators.

Hundreds turn out for STEM's Prospective Spartan Showcase event

We saw a nice turnout for the STEM Prospective Spartan Showcase. Families from all over the area turned out to learn more about STEM and the various programs that we have available.
We are always excited to meet new prospective families and to showcase what we do best.  Some of the attractions included robot demonstrations, computer challenges, student panels, athletics demonstrations, food trucks and more.
A special thanks to everyone who helped put this showcase together and all of the hard work they put in to make it successful.

STEM Halloween Parade 2023

Deputy Gabe wins SRO of the year award

SRO of the year!
Congratulations to Deputy Gabe Uribe for being named “SRO of the year” by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.
Deputy Gabe was informed by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Awards Committee that he was the recipient of an award for the 2023 ceremony, but they didn’t tell him what the award was for.
At the ceremony, Deputy Gabe was informed that he was named SRO of the year and that this was the first year they’ve given out that particular award.
At STEM, all of us certainly know that Deputy Gabe is well deserving of that honor and we are honored to have him in our hallways each day.
Congratulations Deputy Gabe!
deputy gabe award

STEM students put their business skills to the test with DECA Invitational

Getting down to business.
STEM’s DECA Invitational tested the business management skills of our students. Students had a brief period of time to analyze a business scenario and developed a solution to the task or challenge outlined in their scenario. These scenarios involved a sales promotion or operations situation or related customer service concerns. Students were given up to 10 minutes to meet with a judge and present their response in an interactive “role playing” format.
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