Sharing Our Good News (12/01/23)


FIRST Robotics FLL teams wrap up Challenge season

That’s a wrap!
This week we wrapped up the FLL (FIRST LEGO League) Challenge season with a mini party and club is done for the semester.
The tournament was so successful! All the teams did great, improving their scores with each attempt and learning how a professionally judged tournament is run. Our very own Banana Splits won the Judges’ Award! The judges cited their humor, personality, and team spirit, and said that the Splits made their day.
The STEM Hackers tied for the top ten, so there’s a bright future for them next year. Way to go teams!

STEM students visit Lockheed Martin's CHIL Laboratory

This week a group of STEM students were lucky enough to visit Lockheed Martin’s CHIL lab, which stands for ‘Collaborative Human Immersive Laboratory’.
The students, who are taking engineering and aerospace classes at STEM learned a lot during the field trip. The CHIL Lab uses AR, VR and other advanced applications to train personnel and test/ simulate real-world scenarios in a cost-effective and safe way.
While there, STEM students also saw Lockheed’s Advanced Visualization and Innovation Center, their Space Operations Simulation Center and their Spacecraft Production Area.

STEM Theater puts on impressive showing of "Clue"

Opening night!
STEM Theater put on a fantastic showing of Clue, an exciting murder mystery of who-done-it. The evening is filled with wild twists and deceit as they unravel the truths of everyone’s stories.
Did you miss it? You still have two more chances to catch this amazing production.
Additional shows include Friday from 6-8 p.m. and Saturday from 1-3 p.m. Tickets are $15 each and free for STEM staff.
We would love for you and your family to attend the remaining shows. A big thank you to Mr. Roberts and Ms. Hafner and the entire STEM theater department for putting this together.

Just another day on the playground with Deputy Gabe

Who needs a playground when you have Deputy Gabe?
Recess is always more fun for our elementary students when they get to see Deputy Gabe. He was out there taking pictures for the Sheriff’s Office which they will use to attract new SROs at other schools.
When it’s not high fives and hugs from the students, Deputy Gabe is sometimes used as a walking jungle gym and QB! One student attempted to perform a citizen’s arrest on Deputy Gabe using a hula hoop, but could not come up with a legitimate charge, so ultimately Deputy Gabe was released back to his regular SRO duties.
deputy gabe on playground

STEM British Literature students perform Macbeth in class

Assume the throne!
Secondary students studying British Literature are performing scenes from Shakespeare’s Macbeth.
Here are some fun facts about Macbeth than you may have not known:
1) Macbeth was loosely based on the life of a real king.
2) It is a relatively short Shakespeare play (running about half the length of Hamlet).
3) King James was a big influence. It is believed that Shakespeare wrote Macbeth to please King James, who had just become the King of England.
4) Macbeth is the only Shakespeare play to include the word Rhinoceros.
5) Macbeth is set in Scotland and Shakespeare actually never went to Scotland.
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